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Storm Warning The Perfect Storm
Disaster film sinks under its own melodramatic weight
, June 29, 2000
The press kit for The Perfect Storm contains the damnedest thing I've ever read. Right at the top, there is a "special request to the press" that... More>>
Birth of a (Fascist) Nation Butterfly
Butterfly explores the tensions in 1936 Spain via an old teacher and his young pupil
, June 29, 2000
For most Americans, the social and political issues underlying José Luis Cuerda's Butterfly may seem remote at best. The tensions between... More>>
One Nation Under a Groove Groove
Director Greg Harrison depicts a rave generation looking for love and truth in a warehouse
, June 29, 2000
It has taken moviemakers and, more crucially, foot-dragging movie investors almost a decade to catch up with rave culture -- the heady mix of... More>>
Free-Range Chicken Chicken Run
No secret recipe here: The creators of Wallace & Gromit and Wat's Pig cook up a bucketload of inventive fun
, June 22, 2000
About nine years ago, in a humble Redondo Beach nightclub, urbane British folk singer Billy Bragg reappraised 20th-century politics by means of... More>>
Dr. Jekyll and Jim Carrey Me, Myself & Irene
The freewheeling comedic actor has double the fun in Me, Myself & Irene
, June 22, 2000
In the new Jim Carrey farce, Me, Myself & Irene, the rubber-faced comedian plays a meek Rhode Island state trooper named Charlie, whose... More>>
Toons with 'Tude Titan A.E.
The summer's best action flick may be the animated Titan A. E., which borrows from the leaders of the genre
, June 15, 2000
It's the year 3028, and manŠ is an endangered species! (Haven't we heard that somewhere before, like last month?) This time around, the... More>>
Dream On Passion of Mind
Filmmakers responsible for the gimmicky Passion of Mind should have slept on the concept a little longer
, June 15, 2000
"Industrial-strength boredom" is a vicious term to unload on anybody -- friend, foe or former actress. Considering the lingering discomfort it... More>>
Going, Going, Gone Gone in 60 Seconds
Someone take the wheel, 'cause the filmmakers don't know where they're headed
, June 08, 2000
Blink -- or, more likely, doze -- and you will miss it, this tiny beautiful oasis in the middle of an otherwise barren wasteland. For a moment --... More>>
Driver 23, Where Are You? Driver 23
Low-budget documentary about a deliveryman and wanna-be rock star takes some wrong turns
, June 08, 2000
Don't assume too much from the title: Driver 23 isn't a nifty new game for your Sony PlayStation, or a direct-to-video knockoff of Gone in 60... More>>
Sexual Healing? 8 1/2 Women
Peter Greenaway's latest erotic treatise zestfully crosses boundaries both cultural and intimate
, June 08, 2000
So, when was the last time you shared a woman with your dad? You know, just some woman that you and your dad both dug, who perked you up a bit.... More>>
Mission 2: Successful Mission: Impossible 2
With a head full of Notorious thoughts, director John Woo leads the charge in the visceral M:I-2
, June 01, 2000
Early on in Mission: Impossible 2 (or M:I-2, as the confident Paramount now calls it), hero Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) complains to his boss about... More>>
All the Pretty Horses Running Free
Gorgeous Running Free nearly trampled underfoot by thudding narration
, June 01, 2000
The moody, feverish images that fill Running Free are so exquisite they almost make up for the film's disastrous auditory misstep: the decision... More>>
Come See the Paradise The Color of Paradise
This gentle Iranian import proves that children speak louder than fundamental ideologies
, June 01, 2000
It is difficult to reconcile American perceptions of Iran, a rigidly authoritarian Islamic fundamentalist society, with the captivating and... More>>
Sexual Orienting Onscreen The Houston Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Gay and lesbian fest features new looks at homosexuality
, May 25, 2000
Throughout the first six decades of commercial cinema in America, the love that dared not speak its name was not entirely invisible. But you had... More>>
A film about a pioneer in homoerotica features hefty bods but thin characters
, May 25, 2000
Giddy retro kitsch, talking-heads documentary and intensely campy melodrama are just a few of the ingredients tossed into the mulligan stew that... More>>
Love in the Time of Chundering Bossa Nova
Hoping to be a modern-day Pillow Talk, Bossa Nova merely blows its cookies
, May 25, 2000
To begin, let us discuss puking. You know, upchucking, barfing, yacking, Technicolor yawning, blowing cookies, driving the porcelain bus,... More>>
T-Rex in Mouse Ears Dinosaur.
The Mesozoic Era undergoes the Disney treatment in Dinosaur
, May 18, 2000
Dinosaurs used to be cool. In 1969, if you had asked me what was the best movie ever made, the answer would likely have been The Valley of... More>>
Roadkill Road Trip.
Remember American Pie? This is the same Trip.
, May 18, 2000
Road Trip makes American Pie look like Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Fast Times like Animal House; and Animal House like Citizen Kane. It ranks... More>>
Small Pleasures Small Time Crooks.
Woody Allen's Crooks aims low and succeeds
, May 18, 2000
Woody Allen is back on screen in Small Time Crooks, a bittersweet comedy that in many ways could have been lifted straight from the '30s. For the... More>>
The Play's (Not) the Thing The Big Kahuna.
All the world's a stage in the toothless Big Kahuna
, May 18, 2000
When stars get popular enough (or win enough Oscars), they start to call their own shots. Thus we have The Big Kahuna, the debut release of Kevin... More>>
On Their Toes Center Stage.
Filmmakers return ballet, with all its metaphorical foreplay and backstage romance, to Center Stage
, May 11, 2000
When asked to name the most erotic sequence they have ever seen in a film, people tend to pick moments like the love scene between Julie Christie... More>>
Rave On Human Traffic.
Impressive Human Traffic isn't always pretty, much like the scene it covers
, May 11, 2000
Given that most film studios have multimillion-dollar marketing budgets with which to target 18- to 25-year-olds, it's astonishing how little... More>>
Middle-Age Crazy The Lifestyle.
The Lifestyle goes where no documentary has gone before: suburban group sex
, May 11, 2000
Thirty years ago a cultural sea change allegedly took place in America. It was dubbed the sexual revolution. To read about it at the time was to... More>>
Figgis's Symphony No. 4 Time Code.
Experimental director borrows musical techniques for the intriguing Time Code
, May 11, 2000
Digital video is poised to become a major factor in commercial filmmaking, and Time Code, the new feature from Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas),... More>>
Serious as Hell Gladiator.
Deadly somber Gladiator needs every ounce of earnestness to prevent it from lapsing into parody
, May 04, 2000
There is a killing late in Gladiator, Ridley Scott's new heroic epic, and it is one of those wonderfully cathartic extinguishings that make a... More>>
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