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True Blue The Next Best Thing.
Madonna, the unlucky starlet, is as bad as ever in The Next Best Thing
, March 02, 2000
The first thought you have while watching The Next Best Thing is "Was Madonna always this bad an actress?" It's a question that soon fades from... More>>
Browne Sugar Agnes Browne.
Director-actress Anjelica Huston charmingly evokes Dublin's working-class spirit
, March 02, 2000
If you think the prevailing attitude toward sex in the United States is somewhat backward, consider Ireland of the late 1960s, as depicted in... More>>
A Dog's Life My Dog Skip
A former Houston Post writer recalls how she pawed her way

to the top in Hollywood

, February 24, 2000
"My movie opens nationwide next weekend." I never in a million years thought I'd hear myself say those words. But lately I've been saying just... More>>
Writer's Blah Wonder Boys
Wonder Boys, an insipid tale about a depressed author, could use a few more exclamation points
, February 24, 2000
Step right up, youth of the world, and receive the boomer inoculation that is Wonder Boys, the first feature from director Curtis Hanson since... More>>
Good Trouble Good Trouble
John Frankenheimer influences a new generation of thrill seekers with Reindeer Games
, February 24, 2000
Director John Frankenheimer has been putting bad guys on the street since Luca Brazzi slept with a teddy bear, and he shows no sign of letting up... More>>
Dial M for Monotony Hanging Up.
Despite the talented cast, Hanging Up never connects
, February 17, 2000
Even at just 92 minutes, this film feels endless. Intended as a humorous, heartwarming take on dysfunctional family relationships, Hanging Up... More>>
$tocks and Bonding Boiler Room.
Boiler Room steams with the stark greed of go-for-brokers
, February 17, 2000
Twenty-seven-year-old Ben Younger delivers the message of his first feature, Boiler Room, with all the subtlety of a car bomb. To wit: Greed is... More>>
Pitch Black Beauty Pitch Black.
This sci-fi funfest finds plenty of action
, February 17, 2000
Moviegoers rejoice! The first fun movie of the year has arrived. Oh, Leo's little seaside adventure was pretty to look at, but the attempts at... More>>
Well Executed Mr. Death
Mr. Death comes alive in a disturbing documentary by Errol Morris
, February 17, 2000
Calling the subject matter of Errol Morris's latest documentary, Mr. Death, "unpleasant" is like referring to the lavatory on a tuna boat as... More>>
Storming The Beach The Beach.
However shallow, Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a baptism of blood
, February 10, 2000
Ewan McGregor. You can't toss a caber in Scotland these days without toppling a gaggle of blokes who closely resemble him. Yet some magical... More>>
Reel Worlds The Pan Cultural Film Festival
Houston mines international gold with the Pan-Cultural Film Festival
, February 10, 2000
Mohammed Kamara believes that film is the true universal language. It certainly has been for him. As a boy in Guinea, West Africa, he was exposed... More>>
The Pan-Cultural Film Festival Schedule
February 10-13
, February 10, 2000
The Lineup: Thursday, February 10 Angelika Film Center 5 p.m.: The Opium War (China/UK) Friday, February 11 Museum of Fine Arts noon: Chimera... More>>
Smoke Screen Holy Smoke.
Jane Campion's latest has much to say about nothing at all
, February 10, 2000
Jane Campion's 1992 film, The Piano, was an intoxicating work of art, a film of such beauty and power that it literally took my breath away.... More>>
Mousse Crossing The Big Tease.
Think of the mildly amusing Big Tease as the Spinal Tap of haute coiffure
, February 10, 2000
La crème de la coiffure! A mock documentary about, of all things, a Scottish hairdresser who travels to America to compete in an... More>>
Victorian Odd Couple Topsy-Turvy.
Director turns his working-class concerns to a higher grade of neurosis: Gilbert and Sullivan
, February 03, 2000
The evening of March 14, 1885, was an auspicious one in the annals of musical theater. Less than four years had passed since the opening of... More>>
That Was Then... Simpatico.
Confusing Simpatico explores the guilt that haunts three friends who pulled a scam in their youth
, February 03, 2000
Sharon Stone doesn't appear on-screen until halfway through this tale of three lives unraveling, but when she does, she makes quite an impression... More>>
The Man Who Would Be Killed The Emperor and the Assassin.
Chinese epic The Emperor and the Assassin transcends borders
, February 03, 2000
Director Chen Kaige is best known in the United States for Farewell My Concubine, the most successful Chinese production ever released here. As... More>>
Illuminating the Stage Illuminating the Stage
Director Mike Leigh explores the politics and process of theater in Topsy-Turvy
, January 27, 2000
One wonders, one does. The name of Mike Leigh has been attached to some intense, intricate, generally superb character studies in the past three... More>>
Valley of the Dull Isn't She Great.
Susann biopic isn't Great, not by a long shot
, January 27, 2000
The subject matter is surely the stuff of which can't-miss movies are made: Jacqueline Susann, author of the best-seller Valley of the Dolls and... More>>
Poor, Pitiful Me Angela's Ashes.
Even the great Alan Parker can't save Angela's Ashes from sappy self-absorption
, January 20, 2000
Boo hoo! Frank McCourt had a miserable childhood! Honestly, who can say their childhood wasn't impoverished in some wayŠ or in many ways?... More>>
Ambition Overload Craddle Will Rock.
Tim Robbins's Cradle Will Rock only feels like it's re-creating the '30s a day at a time
, January 20, 2000
In Cradle Will Rock, his third directorial outing, Tim Robbins takes on an almost insurmountably ambitious project: re-creating an era by weaving... More>>
Storm Warning The Hurricane.
Denzel Washington delivers a series of windy speeches in The Hurricane
, January 13, 2000
When you hear the title The Hurricane, you imagine Dorothy Lamour, reclining against a palm tree in her sarong. Instead, with this wanna-be Oscar... More>>
Schizo Girl, Interrupted.
Girl, Interrupted can't distinguish between crazy and normal adolescent turmoil
, January 13, 2000
Some people really are crazy, but then, "crazy" is a relative term. Does it apply to someone who feels he might spin off into outer space and... More>>
Short Cuts Magnolia.
Director borrows from the Robert Altman stylebook to create his Magnolia "masterpiece"
, January 06, 2000
When Paul Thomas Anderson's second feature, Boogie Nights, was released in 1997, critics and film industry types fell over themselves to... More>>
Tragic Sap The End of the Affair.
Neil Jordan's adaptation of Affair buries all subtlety under a mountain of melodrama
, January 06, 2000
"Hell is a sort of high-class nightclub," wrote George Orwell, "entry to which is reserved for Catholics only." This sentiment is on stark... More>>
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