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Disney Lightens Up Fantasia/2000.
Fantasia/2000 strikes a better balance between serious and comic elements
, December 30, 1999
Sixty years after the release of the original Fantasia, Disney has finally gotten around to making new musical segments for a reprise of the... More>>
Handheld Torture Rosetta.
The documentary-style Rosetta travels into a heart of darkness -- and stays there
, December 30, 1999
For whatever reason, this latest Belgian import to the United States has an almost identical title to the year's other major Belgian import.... More>>
Thank You  Very Little Man on the Moon.
Carrey craftily channels Kaufman, but is the late comedian worthy of a lofty bio-pic?
, December 23, 1999
Ah, what a miracle that Andy Kaufman was. So sublime his wit, so pioneering his spirit. Astonishing! A hero to be loved, adored and emulated by... More>>
Paydirt! Any Given Sunday.
Oliver Stone delivers the ultimate guy movie with Any Given Sunday
, December 23, 1999
Let's hear it for sports movies! The most avid sports fan can occasionally be bored by lackluster games, but even the casual spectator can... More>>
Warp Factor Ten Galaxy Quest.
Galaxy Quest is an exhilarating and affectionate parody of all things Roddenberry
, December 23, 1999
On the face of it, it wouldn't seem too hard to do an effective parody of Star Trek. Certainly many have tried; who can forget Jim Carrey on In... More>>
Screwball Drama All About My Mother
Almodovar leans toward the dark side in this often funny meditation on the bond of all women
, December 23, 1999
At first glance, Pedro Almodovar's All About My Mother seems uncharacteristically grim for a filmmaker with such a demonic sense of humor. Within... More>>
Postmodern Park Mansfield Park
Canadian director Patricia Rozema makes a compelling case for her reinterpretation of Jane Austen
, December 23, 1999
The last half-decade has been very good to Jane Austen: Besides Ang Lee's estimable 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility, we've been given film... More>>
Mr. Robotic Bicentennial Man.
Robin Williams wastes his comic talents in the mawkish, mechanical Bicentennial Man
, December 16, 1999
If there's anything that could make me believe in a cruel and vengeful God (or in the existence of the Dark Prince himself), it's the incredible... More>>
My Life as an Orphan The Cider House Rules.
Lasse Hallström deftly juggles contradictions in the coming-of-age story The Cider House Rules
, December 16, 1999
It is rare to find a movie that is as accomplished, multilayered and rewarding as the novel from which it was adapted, but The Cider House Rules... More>>
Getting to Know You, Again Anna and the King.
Sumptuous, massive and lyrical, Anna and the King is a classic reborn
, December 16, 1999
I sincerely hope that Jodie Foster gets a chance to relax and unwind this holiday season, because the lady has obviously worked like a horse to... More>>
Mousetrap Stuart Little.
Stuart Little's thick sugar coating is fine for kids. All others, beware.
, December 16, 1999
It's too tempting to resist. You see, there's a secret about Stuart Little that the fine folk at Sony don't want to blow. It's not that every one... More>>
E.T. on  Death Row The Green Mile.
Director Frank Darabont gets metaphysical in The Green Mile
, December 09, 1999
Have you ever endured a relationship in which your partner beat you up mercilessly, just so he or she could "heal" you and play the redeemer... More>>
Southern Comfort Ride with the Devil.
Ang Lee dares to cast a compassionate eye at the Confederacy in Ride with the Devil
, December 09, 1999
Nobody is innocent in America, but there is one segment of the population that seems doggedly determined to deny its own ignorance, ugliness and... More>>
The Road Less Traveled Tumbleweeds.
Mother and daughter explore new emotional terrain in the familiar highway saga Tumbleweeds
, December 09, 1999
The heroines of Gavin O'Connor's offbeat road movie Tumbleweeds are a struggling single mother named Mary Jo Walker (Janet McTeer) and her feisty... More>>
Into the  Line of Fire Into the Line of Fire
Swede Lasse Hallström steps into America's abortion controversy with The Cider House Rules
, December 02, 1999
Lasse Hallstrom chuckles heartily as the skeleton tumbles out of his closet. Yes, he admits without a trace of shame, he helped to launch the... More>>
The Gay Life Flawless.
Mainstream director Joel Schumacher may have finally found his true calling
, December 02, 1999
"A Joel Schumacher film." Are there any four words more guaranteed to send shudders of revulsion down the spine of any Gen-X film geek? Ever... More>>
Building on Perfection Toy Story 2.
As funny and flawless as the original, Toy Story 2 suffers only from being second in line
, November 25, 1999
How do you make a sequel to a nearly perfect film? Toy Story, the 1995 hit from Disney and Pixar, was not only the first fully computer-animated... More>>
Terminate This End of Days.
Returning to the apocalyptic theme of T2, End of Days doesn't stand a chance in hell
, November 25, 1999
The last time Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in an apocalypse-themed action movie with a Guns N' Roses theme song, it was Terminator 2, the... More>>
Swede  On Her Show Me Love
Show Me Love examines the ambiguous relationship of two small-town Swedish girls
, November 25, 1999
They're calling it Show Me Love outside of Sweden, where writer-director Lukas Moodysson's seriocomic account of discontent teenagers sold almost... More>>
Horseman, Pass By Sleepy Hollow.
Sleepy Hollow looks great, but it's less filling than Washington Irving
, November 18, 1999
"The spectre is known at all the country firesides by the name of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow," writes Washington Irving in his... More>>
Enough Is Enough The World Is Not Enough.
Even a first-rate Brosnan can't save this World
, November 18, 1999
Poor old MGM -- the once-golden studio that has been battered and abused by ever-changing ownership and management for nearly three decades now... More>>
Wisconsin Cheese American Movie
American Movie hilariously documents a Midwestern filmmaker's rise to hackdom
, November 18, 1999
The world's demand for minimally talented 30-year-old high school dropouts who believe they're great poets or great musicians or great movie... More>>
Life on the High C's The Legend of 1900.
The Legend of 1900 spins an enchanting fable about an innately talented musician born at sea
, November 18, 1999
A tangible sense of sadness and longing hangs over The Legend of 1900, the mesmerizingly beautiful and poetic new film from Italian director... More>>
Lynch Mob Returns? The Straight Story.
Former fans uncertain of the new direction for a dynamic director
, November 18, 1999
Pay attention now, because there seems to be some confusion about this: David Lynch is a serious person -- a strange person, yes, but a... More>>
Burn The Messenger The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc.
A little Conscience converts Joan of Arc to near comedy
, November 11, 1999
Luc Besson, director of La Femme Nikita, The Professional and The Fifth Element, is not the first name that would leap to mind to helm a biopic... More>>
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