See No Evil (R)

Horror 84 May 19, 2006
By Luke Y. Thompson
You'd think a pornography director would be a decent fit for a slasher movie -- both genres feature wooden, often comical acting and the barest hint of plot in order to facilitate numerous "money shots" full of screaming and bodily fluids. Yet Gregory Dark seems unable to make the transition. Wooden acting and bad story, yes; but waiting a full 30 minutes between the first and second kill scenes is unacceptable, and he manages to spoil most of the gory deaths -- and one shower scene -- by using overly discreet camera angles and quick cuts (c'mon, man, it's R-rated!). WWE wrestler Kane (a.k.a. Glen Jacobs, formerly known as the Christmas Creature, Unabomb, Dr. I. Yankem D.D.S., and Diesel II) makes a decent big-screen debut as the retarded nutjob son of religious fundamentalists, now prone to digging out eyeballs with his fingers. And yes, he does use his signature chokeslam. The teenage victims seem inspired by other WWE characters, most notably a Lita look-alike who captivates the killer.
Gregory Dark Glen Jacobs, Michael J. Pagan, Tiffany Lamb, Penny McNamee, Craig Horner, Samantha Noble, Matthew Okine, Luke Pegler, Cecily Polson, Rachael Taylor Dan Madigan Joel Simon Lionsgate Films

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