10 Bonus Identity Festival Deleted Scenes

10 Bonus Identity Festival Deleted Scenes
Photos by Marco Torres

Saturday: Identity Festival at The Woodlands

ID Fest: The Crowd (daytime)

ID Fest: The Crowd (nighttime)

Here's a peek behind the curtain: when taking notes on a show I average about one page per hour. That's fine for a show like LMFAO, where the bulk of the review is on one act and I have a bit of leeway with what to discuss.

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Saturday's Identity Festival was long and when you spend eight hours taking notes you have to kill a few of your observational babies for the sake of readability.

EDM shows continue to fascinate me, which explains why I tend to take way more notes than I need to when I go to them. Here are ten deleted scenes from my show review to help give things a bit more color.

1. Security

I thought I had a pretty good handle on how things would be once I got to the Pavilion based on the blog I wrote on Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I was asked to take off my shoes while going through security. I understand the need to try and avoid what happened outside Boston, but this isn't an airport. It's an even dumber request when you consider they weren't patting anyone down.

2. Fog In the Sun

Fog machines and dance music go hand in hand, but it looks super-silly in the sun. At first I thought something was on fire before I realized what was going on. Sun is smoke is bad, dark is fog is good. Pretty simple.

3. Viking EDM

Has anyone tried making dance music with Viking flair? Given the European nature of the music and the love of furry leggings and pointy hats it seems like a natural combination. At least it would help some of those costumes start to make sense.

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