10 Movie Songs We Can't Hear Without Thinking Of Sex

While we at Rocks Off boast many obsessions and vices (we'll call them "hobbies"), a few choice ones unashamedly top our list. If you perverted pop-culture junkies agree that sex, music, and movies are among life's simplest and most necessary pleasures, then keep reading. If you still blush during sex scenes, your time might be better spent perusing other blogs.

The following songs are among those that, upon hearing, we , instantly and without fail remember their use in a film's sex scenes. Here are the most prevalent of the bunch.

(We had a lot of fun researching this one, we assure you.)

10. Chris Isaak, "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing," from Eyes Wide Shut: While we certainly favor Isaak's smoldering hot music videos over this movie, we are immediately reminded of "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" in the awkwardly sexy Stanley Kubrick film.

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9. Phil Collins - "In the Air Tonight"; Tangerine Dream, "Love On a Real Train," from Risky Business: A few choice adjectives come to mind when describing Chicago's dingy train rails; "sexy" is not one of them--that is, unless your perception of the CTA has been defined by this movie's riskiest of love scenes, set to Tangerine Dream.

8. The whole damn soundtrack, Boogie Nights: Seriously. Melanie and Night Ranger never sounded so naughty.

7. Sade, "No Ordinary Love," from Indecent Proposal: Because loaning your wife (Her "body, not her mind!") to some creepy Vegas billionaire for $1 million is, indeed, no ordinary love. Cut to Demi Moore rolling around bed naked with a blanket of $100 bills.

6. Again, the whole soundtrack, Dirty Dancing: From "Hungry Eyes" to "Be My Baby," and especially "Cry To Me" -- which served as the soundtrack to Baby and Johnny's cabin foreplay -- this film's entire catalog reminds us of one of film's most romantic courtships.

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