10th Grade Cutie Makes Good on Power-Ballad Promise

Fresh off harassing teen metal bands and Lemmy-fying suburban ice cream shops, Friendswood freak-punks 10th Grade Cutie booked time in a San Antonio studio for a demo session.

This new track, "Flying on the Wings of Love (In Space)" was recorded in less than an hour and features singer Rex Ronan crooning like one of Sebastian Bach's bastard tour children over a lamenting saxophone and power-ballad piano lines. It pretty much sounds like it was recorded before these boys were even born and could have very well been the theme song to a 1987 C. Thomas Howell movie. Last week was a productive one for Cutie. While abusing their young bodies with illicit substances in the tiny SA studio, they also found time to record some demos when they weren't playing their vintage Sega Dreamcast. They describe the new sound as early Replacements, circa

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

. The band posted a brief account of its San Antonio trip




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