18 Successful Musicians Under Age 18

Tommy, can you hear me?
Tommy, can you hear me?
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Tonight House Of Blues welcomes the traveling underage rock revue School Of Rock as they re-create highlights from 1985's Live Aid concerts. SOR features three bands or teens and preteens rocking out and learning the ropes of touring and rock.

Some these kids are young, like they probably were born the day that OK Computer came out or something. Hell, some of those kids' parents probably hadn't even met or even graduated high school themselves when Live Aid was going down.

OK, enough about how we are old enough to be their legal guardians. At least they can play musical instruments. We could screw up a tambourine. Rocks Off came up with a few of the School of Rock crew's distinguished predecessors.

Tommy Stinson: Bassist Tommy Stinson was all of 15 when he played on the Replacements' first album, Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash, in 1981.

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Justin Bieber: Leave it to Rocks Off to be the only people with the balls to have follow Stinson with the diminutive Canadian popper.

LeAnn Rimes: Rimes couldn't even drive when she released her debut LP, Blue, in 1996. It would go on to sell nearly eight million copies worldwide.

Gladys Knight: Knight was already touring with her family group the Pips by the time she was eight years old. At 16, she was married to her high-school boyfriend.

Stefan Lessard: Lessard was only 17 when he joined the Dave Matthews Band in 1991. He is the group's youngest member, with drummer Carter Beauford 16 years his senior.

Tanya Tucker: Seminole, Texas' own Tanya Tucker was singing cheating and heartache songs like "Delta Dawn" with her iconic twang at only 13 years old.

Michael Jackson: By now we all know the Jackson 5 saga. Keep in mind that little Michael was but six years of age when he joined the family band.

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