30 Seconds With Reverse The Curse's Ed Starcher

Rocks Off sat down with Ed Starcher of Reverse the Curse, to see what we could find out about the vocalist/guitarist for one of indie-rock's biggest up-and-comers in 30 seconds.

30 Seconds With Reverse The Curse's Ed Starcher

Rocks Off: What is the worst song in the world?

Ed Starcher: Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)." Read the lyrics. Just a terrible thing all-around, in every way

RO: What is the best lyric in the world?

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ES: "I'm going where the chilly winds don't blow. I'm going where I've never been before" -Bob Dylan, "Worried Blues."

RO: Someone throws a beer bottle at you on stage. What do you do?

ES: Hope it doesn't hit me. Followed by a whimsical comment.

RO: Without worrying about space, time, or the laws of physics, what would be the ultimate gig to play?

ES: To be the band on the Titanic as the ship sinks.

RO: What would you buy with a million dollars?

ES: 500,000 $2 bills

RO: What would you buy with your last dollar?

ES: 1-800-COLLECT prank phone call Jeff Bagwell.

RO: If you could canonize another musician, who would it be, and of what would they be the patron saint?

ES: Elvis Costello, Patron Saint of Infidelity.

RO: What will be written on the plaque beneath the giant statue future generations erect in your honor?

ES: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Reverse the Curse plays Thursday, September 8 at Vinyl Junkie with Football, etc., Pwingset, Yes, Inferno and Square & Compass. Their album Hither & Yon is available for pre-order from Paper + Plastic.

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