7th Annual Punxmas Fest

We can't speak for you, but every single store in Houston is purposely playing Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You," and now the song is embedded deep in our brain like some kind of long-term terror cell. The only thing we can think of that might cure this affliction is to head over to Mango's for their annual Punxmas Fest and see if a healthy dose of alcohol and Oi! will do enough brain damage to eliminate Ms. Carey once and for all. Some might balk at celebrating the birth of Christ with Molotov Compromise, a band we know best for their ska-core anthem "Religious Profiteering" that encourages people to burn down Christian bookstores, but hey — if you want to fight a War on Christmas, you're going to have to do some battle. And we're dying to finally get a chance to catch Blackmarket Syndicate and their battle-theme-style punk.


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