A Fistful of Soul

A few weeks back, we got a chance to check out the DJ collective Urbane Guerrilla Sound System's monthly "A Fistful of Soul" night at the Mink and were blown away. Not only was everybody dressed like extras from Quadrophenia, it was also a dirty, fun dance party with people coupling left and right. Urbane Guerrilla only spins the best '50s and '60s soul and rock-steady, bringing a whole new level of class to the Island off Main. It's like stepping into a dark Kingston dance hall in 1965; expect to hear artists like Laurel Aitken, King Horror and the Redskins. The crowd is a pretty good cross-section of Houston's best and brightest indie kids, with random members of Buxton and Young Mammals guzzling Red Stripes up until last call. DJs No Fun and King Ghidora get things started around 9 p.m. up front.

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