A Living Dead Doll And Her Pentatonic Pirates: Meet Silenced Within

A Living Dead Doll And Her Pentatonic Pirates: Meet Silenced Within

Rocks Off is on a continued quest to inject as much local music into Gothtopia as possible, which is why we're please to announce the return of Ex-Voto. Larry Rainwater and Spleen, who make up two-thirds of Ex-Voto's death-rocky goodness and who were married last Halloween, have moved back to Houston from the desolation of Arkansas. Hopefully it won't be too long before they retake the stage. Also, Gothtopia is avidly watching a new band called The Estranged, and industrial-metal group headed by Goth scene mainstay Tarik Abdul-Alim. They should begin their reign of terror soon. So in that spirit, Rocks Off presents some more local Goth heroes in the form of melodic metal maniacs Silenced Within. Originally formed by Sloan (Vocals) and Davion (Guitar) in Santa Clarita, Calif., Silenced Within is a rose mix of the modern hard-rock accessibility of Evanesence and the classic darkness of Machines of Loving Grace. They have a very young sound, very energetic and alive.

A Living Dead Doll And Her Pentatonic Pirates: Meet Silenced Within

But through all their modernist approach is woven a thread of appreciation for the classic spooksters from The Crow soundtrack. Davion's metallic Pantera guitar licks absolutely electrify, and drive the love muscle of Sloan's horny-angel voice to pierce the hymen of your head and hearing. Sure, it hurts, but then it feels good. Rocks Off had a chance to pick up their 2007 release, Inside Your Eyes, while hanging out with Al Rutter at his studio, Fjardeson's, in Montrose. Even from those early tracks, It's clear that Silenced Within was a band to watch out for. If you are looking for the kind of show that used to have your mom picketing outside lest you sell your soul for too low a price, then we suggest you get your ass over to Jet Lounge Saturday night for one of Silenced Within's rare Inner-Loop performances. The band goes on first, so make sure you show up at 8 p.m. sharp, because there will probably only be a mass of thoroughly rocked zombies standing about afterwards, wondering what the hell happened. Silenced Within on YouTube: "Venomous"; "Alive" 8 p.m. Saturday at Jet Lounge, 1515 Pease, 713-659-2000 or www.thejetloungehouston.com.$7 over 21; $10 under.

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