A Quick and Easy Guide to Distinguishing Maxwell from Samwell from Rockwell

[Ed. Note: Maxwell's pianist and bandleader, Missouri City native Robert Glasper, plays the official afterparty with his trio at Meridian, 1503 Chartres.] Maxwell is headlining Tuesday's R&B feature at the Toyota Center with support from Common and newcomer Chrisette Michele. But Rocks Off wonders why there's such a preponderance of R&B (we use that term loosely) artists who's names end with -well. Below, a handy-dandy guide to keeping them all straight.

Name: Samwell Noted For: Being an openly gay R&B artist and Internet sensation. Hit Single: "What What (In the Butt)," a campy homage to all things, ummm, anal. The low-budget video went viral on YouTube. Oddly enough, the song is licensed through Fatboy Slim's record label.

Name: Rockwell Noted For: Being Berry Gordy's son, not being a Jackson Hit Single: "Somebody's Watching Me," an anthem for paranoids everywhere which featured MJ and Jermaine as backing vocalists. A cover version is now used in GEICO commercials.

Name:  Maxwell Noted For:  Helping launch neo-soul, makin' us feel sexy. Also, he's covered both Kate Bush and Nine Inch Nails. Hit Single: Let's see. First there was "Ascension" (which was nominated for a Grammy), then "Fortunate" (written by R. Kelly), then "Lifetime." His new album features the single "Bad Habits," which makes us think naughty thoughts. Maxwell, with Common and Chrisette Michelle, 6:30 p.m. tonight at Toyota Center, 1510 Polk, 866-446-8849 or

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