A Rock & Roll Time Capsule From Friday Night Lights Country

That's right, that's former Elvis Presley guitar-picker Scotty Moore on the far left.
That's right, that's former Elvis Presley guitar-picker Scotty Moore on the far left.

As Lonesome, Onry and Mean noted yesterday, even in an age when no one supposedly buys, listens to or reviews albums anymore - three words: Record Store Day - too many albums pour into our mailbox. One of the most interesting albums that we've yet to properly report is Sweet Mikey C's Rock & Roll Time Capsule. LOM went to high school with Mike Campbell, but hadn't heard of him since the late '60s. Turns out the former quarterback of the original Friday Night Lights state championship team (yes, we went to Odessa Permian) moved to Nashville and fell in with the music crowd.

Time Capsule is indeed exactly that, because one of the discs was recorded in 1994 with none other than guitar shredder Danny Gatton on guitar. Gatton had asked Campbell to join his band as lead singer and these recordings were part of that transition period for Gatton's band. Gatton died before the album could be completed, though, and Campbell held on to the tape until 2009, when he got the opportunity to finish the project. He went into the studio with another monster guitar genius, Arlen Roth, and emerged with one cool album that might best be described as an homage to early rock and rollers like Roy Orbison (who also had a major Odessa connection), Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc. If you like some old school rock, check this one. And if you're a guitar geek, this is a must-have for your collection.

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