A Very Special Message: The 10 Best Rock-Star Public Service Announcements

Ever since the Ad Council introduced the "Rosie the Riveter" poster, public service announcements have either warned us of the dangers of such risky behaviors as having unsafe sex, as well as reasons you should vote, or even to spay and neuter your pets. As rock and roll became more popular, artists have also warned us about things like child safety, the dangers of smoking and drugs, the dangers of drinking and driving and heart disease.

Eric Clapton, Child Safety PSA In 1991, blues legend Eric Clapton suffered the worst loss that any parent could imagine: His 4-year-old son, Conor, crawled out of the window of Clapton's New York City apartment and fell from the 53rd story of the building. He has good reason to be concerned about child safety.

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The B-52's for the Foundation for AIDS Research: Shortly after original guitarist Ricky Wilson died of complications from an AIDS-related illness, the grief-stricken band briefly came out of seclusion and teamed up with the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Ted Nugent's Genesis Addiction Center PSA There is really one word that describes the Motor City Madman: Insane. However, when it comes to drugs and addiction, he isn't insane -- he's right. He's very outspoken in his anti-drug stance. Heck, many rockers have lost their lives to drug abuse.

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