ACL 2009 Day One: The Knux Rock Our Sox

ACL 2009 Day One: The Knux Rock Our Sox
Craig Hlavaty

Waking us up out of our Sixth Street-induced coma were The Knux from Los Angeles, by way of Nawlins on the Xbox 360 stage. The hip-hop trio were decked out in leather and spat out grimy Wu-Tang style rhymes with intermittent old-school Cure riffs thrown in for sick measure. Our favorite track was "Cappuccino" which after pulling an all-nighter sounded absolutely stellar.

Next up for Rocks Off is Coheed and Cambria, with hopefully a dash of The Walkmen thrown in. The weather is amazing out here, and we are not drowning in sweat like we have been in the past few years. Follow our Twitter feed here for all the up to the minute gossip and drunken jazz. You know how we do.

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