ACL 2009 Day One: TwitPic Games

If you aren't following us on Twitter at @HoustonPress or @hprocksoff, you're not only missing breaking ACL coverage, you're also missing fun and games - whether you're at the festival or not. From the relative comfort of the media tent, we're taking surreptitious and slightly creepy photos of the bands and artists as they come through for their interviews. The photos are going up on Twitter as Twitpics at @HoustonPress and the first person to guess the band wins their very own, shiny, brand-spanking-new Rocks Off t-shirt (trust us - they're bad ass).

To kick things off, the first person to guess the band pictured below wins not just one t-shirt, but two, two, TWO Rocks Off t-shirts! Leave your best guess in the comments section below and remember to follow us over on Twitter.

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