ACL Notebook Dump, Pt. 4: Burning Taints, Celebrity Scorecard, Live Nation Taking Over ACL TV? and More

* Overheard on Barton Springs Road walking out of Zilker Park Saturday: "Dude, my taint is burning!" I did not investigate further.

* Celebrity Scorecard: Chuck Woolery was milling around the media area Friday, as was Elijah Wood. Bill Murray was at Emo's Saturday for Okkervil River - tipping the door guys $100 when they kept him from getting mobbed on the street - and wore a C3 Presents cap on the sidelines at that afternoon's UT football game. Shooter Jennings' girlfriend, The Sopranos' Drea de Matteo, had the entire Artists' Village cooing over their baby Sunday.

* Ironically, this is the last year C3 Presents is booking ACL's namesake PBS program. According to the Austin American-Statesman, C3's plate is full with its expanding concert and festival business, and Houston-based concert giant Live Nation is a leading candidate to take over.

* If someone could explain why the WaMu/Chase/whatever tent was the only ACL stage without a bar nearby, Rocks Off would like to know. He sure could have used a brew during Shooter Jennings.

* The plastic chairs on ACL's Festival Beach near the AT&T Blue Room stage are far and away the best place in the park to watch a show. They offer a great view of the video screens on the AMD stage as well.

* Given that the amount of people using bandannas to shield their lungs made Saturday and Sunday look like a casting call for Young Guns 3, it's amazing none of the 130-odd performers this weekend thought to print up a few hundred and sell them alongside T-shirts and CDs in the stock-pit-like Waterloo Records tent. - Chris Gray


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