Adam Levy

Adam Levy is a man of many talents. Representative of his work as Norah Jones's guitarist, Levy's 2007 album Washing Day lightly mixes folk, jazz, blues and pop into thoughtful, smart tunes that hit a sweet spot between James Taylor and Ryan Adams's pensive side. Supporting Jones's light pop may be Levy's primary job, but he also does extensive studio work with a wide range of artists like Tracy Chapman (on her New Beginning album), Dredd Scott Trio, Sex Mob and Amos Lee. Levy's also submerged in the world of pop recordings, as he appears regularly in jazz and guitar magazines and recently issued an instructional video. In his spare time (what little he has), Levy writes; he and partner Amber Rubarth took first place in last year's International Songwriting Competition. This intimate suppertime affair is Levy's only Texas gig outside SXSW.

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