Adrian Legg

Adrian Legg

There's an old saw that guitar players are a dime a dozen. Tom T. Hall once wrote, "There ain't no money in it and it'll lead you to an early grave." Somebody forgot to warn British guitar alchemist Adrian Legg about the pitfalls of the guitarist's path, and in a 20-plus-year career, Legg has picked and plucked and flailed and hammered his way to the top of the overcrowded heap. Regularly acknowledged as Player of the Year in such esoteric publications as Guitar Player, Legg has issued a catalog of instrumental albums that are the envy of every guy who's ever taken the plunge, walked into that pawnshop and laid his money down for some beat-up old Gibson.

Legg is so accomplished, he can have fun with his music while maintaining the standards of a true virtuoso. Playful titles like "Nefertiti -- What a Sweetie," "More Fun in the Swamp" and "The One-Eyed Turk" clue us in to a man who knows that it's as much about fun and entertainment as about technical perfection and mathematical precision. Unlike many guitar gods, Legg is a stickler for beautiful melodies; the man can induce trances. Touring in support of his latest release, Inheritance, Legg undoubtedly will cause jaws to drop in the up-close-and-personal confines of Anderson Fair, that old spaghetti bar in Montrose.

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