Aesop Rock, with Mr. Lif, C. Rayz Walz and DJ Fakts One

Brother Ali and Atmosphere's Slug aren't the only pale-skinned wordsmiths showing up in town this week. Say hello to Aesop Rock, the newest milk-colored darling of an MC to come out of Definitive Jux's stable of hip-hop hellions. And as with every other white MC out there, doubting his lyrical skills would be futile. His latest album, Bazooka Tooth, is all the rage in critical circles and among underground hip-hop connoisseurs, even though finding someone, anyone, who understands what it all means can be a bitch. With its bleak, woozy density and Rock's unabashed, unapologetic desire to be just plain weird, Tooth proves that while Aesop Rock's skin may not be dark, his brand of hip-hop certainly is.


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