Aftermath: Susan Cowsill at Discovery Green

Aftermath: Susan Cowsill at Discovery Green
Photos by Chris Gray

A sloping hillside full of people on blankets, kids running around, dogs lolling, and a fine band playing "Yellow Submarine" - this truly was what the whole Discovery Green concert series is about.

Aftermath: Susan Cowsill at Discovery Green

Susan Cowsill and her band powered through a short set of their own material - as well as crowd-pleaser "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" before launching into a spirited rendition of the entire 1966 classic Revolver by the Beatles. The band smoked its way through "Taxman" and never looked back while taking the largely baby-boomer crowd on a memory trip to the beginnings of psychedelic music with sweet renditions of "Eleanor Rigby" and the trippy "Love You Too." Cowsill even involved local singer Allen Hill on the quirky "Dr. Robert." It was a lazy Houston kind of night, full of peace, love and Beatles.

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