Aftermath: The Ka-Nives at Big Star Bar

With a roaring fire pit outside and the Schlitz flowing freely inside, three-piece Ka-Nives put on a one-off gig in a corner of the Heights' Big Star Bar late Saturday night. The erstwhile Austin plumbing enthusiasts tore through a short set of their Jerry Lee Lewis-cum-garage-rock fan favorites, like "Where Was Moses" and "Let's Dance." A guitar amp was paraded through the throng of boozy die-hards like a member of the band by Ben Murphy. At one point, the amp was held up like an old-school '90s crowd surfer, getting passed along on a bed of hands. But alas, it soon found its way onto the ground with a sad and resounding thud. Rest in gear-nerd heaven, Kasino 200.

Aftermath: The Ka-Nives at Big Star Bar
Aftermath: The Ka-Nives at Big Star Bar

Aftermath shielded his camera from the steady stream of airborne beer mist to take a few pics before retiring to the backyard.

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