Aimee Bobruk, Hilary York

Aimee Bobruk, originally from Huntsville, is another in what seems like an endless assembly line of femme folksingers struggling around Austin these days. Her smoky, earnest voice is more Jesse Sykes than Judy Collins, with an interesting sense of melody. With her debut due later this year, Bobruk won last year's Mountain Town Stages songwriting contest in Utah, but to these ears the poetics of songs like "Fools for Love" are a bit over the top: "So what if things don't last, and all she gives gets cast down in the end, she wouldn't change her ways, if it meant losing passion." Jeezus, that's deep — but maybe not as deep as "for I have found the perpetrator, I see blood upon my hands, guilty I stand." That's from "Precious Jesus" — ouch. Huskier-voiced Houston native Hilary York, who favors John Lennon and Keren Ann and cohosts Tuesday-evening sessions at Austin's Scoot Inn with Bobruk, splits the bill.


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