Every bio of Akron/Family mentions some sort of tidbit about the band's members forming their own religion, vacationing next to active volcanoes, ripping off Dan Deacon or being a precious folky act. Powerviolence act Man Is the Bastard think the band is "human manure" and "goddamned thieves," but that's because the A/F fellas lifted MITB's skull logo for a shirt design. No matter what you think of this world-trotting trio, they can't be accused of being unadventurous. After six records sporting influences such as Nick Drake, Lightning Bolt and woolly-era Beach Boys, the group released last summer on Dead Oceans, a double LP thrill-ride that reimagines their 2011 album S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT as "distorted fantasy noise," which doesn't quite do it justice. At times ugly, brutal and trying, but never boring. CRAIG HLAVATY

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2706 White Oak
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