One of the best bands in the rapidly recovering New Orleans music scene, Alias:Orion hits the senses like a combination of Queensrÿche's prog-metal mastery and Wolfsheim's Germanic space shenanigans. Try this for a mental image: The Millennium Falcon is about to make the jump to light speed. Just as it does, someone climbs out onto the top and begins to play a blistering guitar solo that incinerates the pursuing Imperial fighters. That about sums up "StarDuster," the track that heralds A:O's three-act cycle of EPs on epic, unwinnable wars called, appropriately, The StarDuster Saga. Part 1 has already been released, with the second and third installments due any minute. In the meantime, Alias:Orion has embarked on a small tour that brings the group across the swamps to H-Town; thank Odin that low gas prices are helping re-form the bond between the two cities. Perhaps with the intermingling between these two dynamic music scenes, we shall truly see the South rise again. Until that day comes, you can catch Alias:Orion and the very different — but equally out of this world — acousti-nuts Devil Killing Moth at Notsuoh, and let your brain melt like you mistook the Loc-Nar for a jawbreaker.


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