American Sharks

Houston knows the blistering stoner-jamming American Sharks as the other band fronted by Mike Hardin, a.k.a. Roky Moon in Roky Moon & BOLT!. The latter band, our own backyard Broadway/Bowie/Meatloaf bouillabaisse, has been Hardin's main focal point for the past few years, but the Sharks came first and hardest and still play the stray gig here and there. In fact, with his recent move to Austin, Hardin and his Sharks mates decided to ramp up their own work, including a cherry Austin opening slot for King Khan & the Shrines and the Jacuzzi Boys, a tour, and readying new music including the upcoming WeedWizard seven-inch. "We are also making plans to go into the woods at some point this summer and do some drugs and see what kind of songs we can make for our next album," Hardin says of his further Sharks endeavors. "Should we survive the year, I think it will be our most successful yet."


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