Amplified Heat

We have a theory, can't prove it or anything, but here it goes: If you're going to be involved in the blues in any way, shape or form, you must be a werewolf. That is how we separate the wheat from the chaff. Case in point, Amplified Heat, made up of three brothers named Ortiz from Austin. You may remember their electrified, heavy blues style from their showing at Summer Fest last year. Simply put, they're feral. They look like animals and play like a horde. Every note comes across like a thrust in mating season, every melody is a howl at the moon. It's like someone took Tony Iommi and everything he did birthing blues into heavy metal and turned it inside out and backwards. Black is white, down is up and beasts rule the earth like the future in 12 Monkeys. Amplified Heat is a trio of werewolves, like all good blues acts, and we're sticking with that theory.


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