Amy Speace

Just a moment's exposure to Amy Speace's intimate yet powerful voice and timeless arrangements, and her roster position on Judy Collins's Wildflower Records makes perfect sense. Speace's voice may not be the most original, but she owns it so fully that you can't help being immersed in her straightforward, folky songwriting. Hers is a particularly American vernacular, incorporating honky-tonk country, roots-rock, singer-­songwriter folk, and the feel of popular standards into a style built on gentility and introspection, but equally capable of muscle and aggression. Speace's vocals find purchase and foundation in the lower registers, but her throaty delivery hides the secret of a lush and capable soprano, which Speace admirably restrains, using it as punctuation rather than parlor trick. Judiciously employed, her sparkling highs become just that, rather than just another handful of notes predictably flitting about. With her engaging delivery, intelligent lyrics and eclectic sound, Speace is the perfect torchbearer for the unconscious cool of true Americana.


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