An Idea That Doesn't Suck: Color Your Own Willie D

Willie D: Not a motherfuckin' gentleman
Willie D: Not a motherfuckin' gentleman

"Coloring sucks. I don't wanna color." --Nobody ever

One night late last week at about 4 a.m., my brain decided it wanted to stop sleeping and start listening to Willie D's Controversy. So I did that. And maybe, like, three-quarters of the way through, my brain decided it wanted to color a picture of Willie D while listening to Willie D, because who the fuck knows.

Unfortunately, there is an unsettling lack of Geto Boys coloring books available on the Internet. I mean, I looked for a good two hours.

I found out that there's an actual rap coloring book, which was cool, but it has zero pictures of Willie D, which was sucky. So I made one. It was not a terrible way to spend an hour. So here:

Click to enlarge and print
Click to enlarge and print

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Click on that to enlarge it. Color it. Then put it in an envelope and hand it someone you know. Say, "Hey, I colored this picture of Willie D for you. I hope you like it." The world ain't such a terrible place.

Have a good week.

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