Sideshow Tramps
Sideshow Tramps
Photo By Marc Brubaker

And The Envelope Please: The HPMA Ceremony Is Tonight At Warehouse Live

Tonight is the Houston Press Music Awards ceremony at Warehouse Live at 7:30pm, when the fruits of all of your torrid Facebook and Twitter campaigns will be picked from the vines of the Internets and presented to Houston. Hopefully bands won't break up and children won't be crying in the aisles. No doubt there will be kissing and hugging between grown men.


The event is free to the public, and will feature performances by Fat Tony, Otenki, Delicious Milk, thelastplaceyoulook, Sideshow Tramps, and Uzoy. So yeah, that's worth missing whatever comes on television tonight.

Rocks Off is heavily excited for tonight's event, especially for the final set which is sure to feature surprises that will astonish you physically and carnally.

This past weekend's HPMA showcase was a success, and the crowds were great, filling into venues to catch old favorites and new discoveries. You can catch up on all of our coverage here, and be sure to gander at pictures of the bands and the fans who descended on all five venue spots. You can catch CW39's coverage of some of Saturday's sets here.

See you guys tonight, and remember, keep your acceptance speeches long-winded, teary-eyed and overly-dramatic. But don't, because we will use the pictures as blackmail for like, ever.


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