Andrew Karnavas

On his first proper solo outing, Film Noir, Runaway Sun front man Andrew Karnavas pulled out almost every trick under his sleeve for his new LP. The burly-voiced guitar strummer went into SugarHill Studios last year and worked tirelessly while also promoting for RS's The Bridge, but the weariness he may have been feeling actually adds to Noir's sleepy nature. He enlisted none other than the Umbrella Man's Nick Gaitan and Bart Maloney to play bass and pedal steel, respectively, on the album, and jack-of-all-trades Geoffrey Muller stops by for a few tracks as well. Leadoff track "I Didn't Mind" and "See Me Again" both roll in like an early-spring Houston fog, while "Hailin' in Hawaii" is both the saddest and funniest tale of adultery that will come out of our city this year.


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