Another Bar Update

McGonigel's Mucky Duck, 2425 Norfolk, is the latest Houston music venue to have power restored, and tonight's 6 p.m. Patrice Pike show will proceed as scheduled. The pub will be serving food from a limited menu.

Rocks Off did his civic duty last night and checked in on a few Montrose watering holes. Boondocks was open by candlelight, cash only, and a few of the dozen or so patrons had shed their outergarments. (Why not?) Rudyard's and the Next Door were both open and running off generators; Rudz was also serving food. The club hopes to have music "as soon as the bands are ready," bartender Thomas Clemmons said.

Also, take note: HPD's curfew appears to have been rolled back to midnight, though many places are still closing before that. - Chris Gray


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