Answers To Our "Metal Or Hymn?" Quiz

A little harder than you thought, wasn't it? If Sunday-morning hymns belong to the King of Kings, and heavy metal is the Prince of Darkness' domain, they sure seem to copy each other's notes a lot. If you haven't seen our little sacred-vs.-profane brain-teaser yet, go ahead and take a whack at it before we reveal the answers. Ready? Click away - and prepare to be surprised.

Answers To Our "Metal Or Hymn?" Quiz

A. "Now let my people go, land of Chosen/ Go, I will be with thee, bush of fire" METAL (Metallica, "Creeping Death") B. "Signs of endings all around us/ Darkness, death, and winter days/ Shroud our lives in fear and sadness/ Numbing mouths that long to praise" HYMN (Dean W. Nelson, "Signs of Endings All Around Us") C. "O sacred head, sore wounded/ Defiled and put to scorn/ O kingly head surrounded/ With mocking crown of thorn" HYMN (Paulus Gerhard, "O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded") D. "God give me the answer to my life/ God give me the answer to my dreams/ God give me the answer to my prayers/ God give me the answer to my being" METAL (Iron Maiden, "No Prayer for the Dying") E. "And still they come, new preys of plague/ While often in their rooms of prayer/ God's people worship, safe and sound/ Unheeding, even unaware" HYMN (Jane Manton Marshall, "From Miles Around the Sick Ones Came") F. "In His purpose I will stand/ I've been renewed by the Maker/ In His purpose I will stand/ I've been renewed by Him alone" METAL (Zao, "Growing In Grace") G. "Tombstones are bursting, poor sinner stands a-trembling/ The trumpet sounds within my soul, I ain't got long to stay here" HYMN (Traditional, "Steal Away") H. "O Lord, here is thy offertory/ Here is thy glory sown/ Here is the hunting ground/ Here is thy rightful throne" METAL (Marduk, "This Fleshly Void") I. "Voices of victory all shout and proclaim/ The Kingdom of Glory is mine/ The raise of the will, our prophecy filled" METAL (Manowar, "King of Kings") J. "Yet nations still prey on the meek of the world/ And conflict turns parent from child/ Your people despoil all the sweetness of Earth/ The briar and the thorn grow wild" HYMN (Joy F. Patterson, "Isaiah the Prophet Has Written of Old")  

Answers To Our "Metal Or Hymn?" Quiz

K. "Could it be you're afraid of what your friends might say/ If they knew you believe in God above?/ They should realize before they criticize/ That God is the only way to love" METAL (Black Sabbath, "After Forever") L. "Break new ground of a new frontier/ New ideas will surely get by/ No deed or dividend, some may ask why/ You'll find the solution, the answers in the sky" METAL (Megadeth, "Foreclosure of a Dream") M. "Human sin your plan has twisted/ Human wills defy your own/ All the world reverts to chaos/ Rule and judge as God alone" HYMN (Charles P. Price, "God Beyond All Human Praises") N. "Raise me from mortal/ My will be your will/ My words speak your words/ Your pains raise me to bliss" METAL (Morbid Angel, "Rapture") O. "O life whose crushing was for love/ O love whose spending was to death/ O death, your mourning is our seed/ A seed for wheat, our bread and life" HYMN (Delores Dufner, "O Wheat Whose Crushing Was For Bread") P. "Save me, don't let me fall/ Heaven sent, I heard the call/ Stop me, don't let me go/ Touch my heart, then let me know" METAL (Dokken, "Heaven Sent") Q. "Yet to the end the song went on/ A supper's parting hymn/ A psalm intoned on dying lips/ When sun and hope grew dim" HYMN (Carl P. Daw Jr., "As Newborn Stars Were Stirred to Song") R. "If mercy's abandoned by those who'd be brave/ Economy squandered by those who'd be generous/ Humility slighted by those who would lead/ This is sure death" HYMN (Colin Hodgetts, "These Three Are the Treasures") S. "I know my robe's gonna fit me well/ I'm gonna lay down my heavy load/ I tried it on at the gates of Hell/ I'm gonna lay down my heavy load" HYMN (Traditional, "Bye and Bye") T. "Should I feel lost somehow/ Do I feel less than thou/ Could I be less undone/ Could I fall deeper down" METAL (Danzig, "Son of the Morning Star") U. "O world invisible, we can touch thee/ O world intangible, we can touch thee" METAL (God Dethroned, "Cadavers") V. "I lay in dust, life's glory dead/ And from the ground there blossoms red/ Life that shall endless be" HYMN (George Matheson, "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go") W. "Light of my sun, light in this temple/ Light in my truth, lies in the darkness" METAL (Lacuna Coil, "The Prophet Said")

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