Answers To Our "Metal Or Hymn?" Quiz

A little harder than you thought, wasn't it? If Sunday-morning hymns belong to the King of Kings, and heavy metal is the Prince of Darkness' domain, they sure seem to copy each other's notes a lot. If you haven't seen our little sacred-vs.-profane brain-teaser yet, go ahead and take a whack at it before we reveal the answers. Ready? Click away - and prepare to be surprised.

Answers To Our "Metal Or Hymn?" Quiz

A. "Now let my people go, land of Chosen/ Go, I will be with thee, bush of fire" METAL (Metallica, "Creeping Death") B. "Signs of endings all around us/ Darkness, death, and winter days/ Shroud our lives in fear and sadness/ Numbing mouths that long to praise" HYMN (Dean W. Nelson, "Signs of Endings All Around Us") C. "O sacred head, sore wounded/ Defiled and put to scorn/ O kingly head surrounded/ With mocking crown of thorn" HYMN (Paulus Gerhard, "O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded") D. "God give me the answer to my life/ God give me the answer to my dreams/ God give me the answer to my prayers/ God give me the answer to my being" METAL (Iron Maiden, "No Prayer for the Dying") E. "And still they come, new preys of plague/ While often in their rooms of prayer/ God's people worship, safe and sound/ Unheeding, even unaware" HYMN (Jane Manton Marshall, "From Miles Around the Sick Ones Came") F. "In His purpose I will stand/ I've been renewed by the Maker/ In His purpose I will stand/ I've been renewed by Him alone" METAL (Zao, "Growing In Grace") G. "Tombstones are bursting, poor sinner stands a-trembling/ The trumpet sounds within my soul, I ain't got long to stay here" HYMN (Traditional, "Steal Away") H. "O Lord, here is thy offertory/ Here is thy glory sown/ Here is the hunting ground/ Here is thy rightful throne" METAL (Marduk, "This Fleshly Void") I. "Voices of victory all shout and proclaim/ The Kingdom of Glory is mine/ The raise of the will, our prophecy filled" METAL (Manowar, "King of Kings") J. "Yet nations still prey on the meek of the world/ And conflict turns parent from child/ Your people despoil all the sweetness of Earth/ The briar and the thorn grow wild" HYMN (Joy F. Patterson, "Isaiah the Prophet Has Written of Old")

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