Antelope might not be punk enough for purists, but they're plenty punk enough.

Certain punk purists will only say a band is "punk" if they adhere to the formula that has been around since the beginning: simple, straightforward, snotty and fast. Not sure what they'd say about Washington, D.C., trio Antelope, who call themselves a punk band but don't sound simple, straightforward, snotty or fast. Their music adopts certain traits of punk music -- the chord structures are often repetitive through the entire song and the foundation is stripped down to guitar, bass and drums. Yet, unlike the Ramones, for example, each of Antelope's songs takes on a new shape and personality, filling in the gaps with odd post-punk time signatures and serrated riffs, and disjointed pop melodies. The trio, made up of guitarist Justin Moyer (also of Supersystem) and drummer/bassists Mike Andre and Bee Elvy, all share vocal duties, so there's also plenty to explore in the vocal range of the band as well. "Punk" or not, Reflector, their soon-to-be released debut full-length on Dischord, really kicks out some serious jams.

Antelope performs Thursday, March 22, at Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington Avenue, 713-862-2513. Bring Back the Guns and Dizzy Pilot also perform.

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