Anticon USA Tour, with Alias, Sole, Oddnosdam, Telephone Jim Jesus, Work, Babel Fishh and Killers For Hire DJs

When we heard there was this hip-hop/techno-loving, Oakland-bred maven named Alias coming to town this week, we didn't know whether to pity him or admire his ballsiness. It's bad enough that when his handle is mentioned, people automatically think of that super-cool spy show with Jennifer Garner running around in tight-ass, rubber-and-spandex outfits, whipping the butts of anyone who gets in her way, but his whitest-of-white noise sounds exactly like the kind of hard-driving, laptop-stored beats that would accompany that girl during her high-kicking, ass-beating endeavors. (His latest album, Muted, sounds like a demo submission to the show's music supervisors.) So, if you're a guy catching him in concert and you happen to get turned on by his music, don't be alarmed -- you're probably thinking subliminally about Jennifer Garner.


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