Architecture in Helsinki

The eight-member Architecture in Helsinki is a traveling carnival of indie oddities. The band's first album, the endearing but simple Fingers Crossed, came out in 2004. Their 2005 release, In Case We Die, featured more aggressive instrumental performances and quirkier vocals, which got them on stage with the likes of David Byrne and the Polyphonic Spree. After that, fans came to expect a more theatrical experience from the mostly-from-Melbourne group. Besides the smorgasbord of instrumentation, the band has such a bright, whimsical attitude that you easily forgive their overly dramatic moments, including the ominous-sounding church bells and Vincent Price-style voice-overs. In fact, their extravagance makes you like them even more. And thankfully, we're not required to understand Architecture in Helsinki's enigmatic and eccentric lyrics in order to dance along. The Blow is also on the bill.


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