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    The R-word - Is a rave by any other name still a rave?

    Let's see how far we can go in this column without mentioning the R-word. You know, that word -- the term generally used to connote a certain late-night event that features techno music, adolescent guests and glow sticks in a ballroom, warehouse or (...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on November 22, 2001
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    Larry - Among Friends (Lauan Records)

    For jam bands like Austin's Larry, live albums can be sink-or-swim ventures. If the product is outstanding, then neophytes might be attracted to the band's next show. But if the recorded performance is merely solid, would-be fans will stay away. Amon...

    by Mike Emery on November 22, 2001
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    Trish Murphy - Captured (Raven)

    So here's Houston's musical darling, after the major-label record shot, caught live at some intimate venues. For old fans there are versions of eight songs from her two previous discs, along with five others. She's in the downsized mode, with acousti...

    by Rob Patterson on November 22, 2001
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    Dunlavy - The Alison Effect (Camera Obscura)

    Though Denton likes to believe it was the home of Texas's best psych rock in the 1990s, that title actually goes to Houston's the Mike Gunn. This early-'90s quintet brazenly brandished a guitar indulgence that warped more minds in the Lone Star State...

    by Bret McCabe on November 22, 2001
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    Jack Ingram - Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25

    We shouldn't blame Robert Earl Keen for the Pat Greens and Cory Morrows that, as he puts it, he has "spawned." Nor should we let their success taint our perceptions of his immensely more talented acolyte Jack Ingram. Ingram was the first colleg...

    by Rob Patterson on November 22, 2001
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    Moke - Saturday, November 24

    Moke takes the mainstream and puts it through a prism. The slick sound of "now" is apparent, but it's shot through with an indie edge and a classic rock vibe. The paradoxical music is both condensed and sprawling, stomping and delicate. The band sou...

    by Chris Smith on November 22, 2001
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    Bilal - Saturday, November 24

    When Bilal arrived on the R&B scene this year, many black men must have thought to themselves, "Oh, shit, here comes another one of those Sensitive Brothas." Here was another soul man who performs songs about giving it up for the ladies and how hard ...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on November 22, 2001
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    No Fear - The Drive-By Truckers' Southern Rock Opera redeems Skynyrd and the South

    The Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood was hardly a typical white Alabama kid. Born on the cusp of the state's agonizing "New South" rebirth, his perceptions were skewed by the fact that his father played bass in the Muscle Shoals A-Team session band ...

    by John Nova Lomax on November 15, 2001
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    Second Banana Blues - Scott Kannberg shows the world how to win fans and lose friends

    Sometimes it's hard not to root for the rock 'n' roll second fiddle. Take KISS. Sure, Paul Stanley gets to stand in the middle of the stage with his shirt off and sing most of the songs, but wouldn't you rather be Gene Simmons? You'd get to play a ba...

    by Eric Shea on November 15, 2001
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    The Good Ol' Days - The Allen Oldies Band is taking a different route to fame

    It seems somehow fitting to talk with the Allen Oldies Band's Allen Hill about vintage video games. We're munching on oyster poor boys and fries in the far corner of the Zydeco Diner's back room near a (sadly unplugged) Asteroids machine. "The only ...

    by John Nova Lomax on November 15, 2001
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    It's All in the Mix - Will two reincarnated institutions breathe new life into Shepherd Plaza?

    "Shepherd Plaza is kind of an interesting gig at the moment," says club launcher John Finlay about the new drama circulating around the once-flourishing near-southwest nightlife mecca. It looks like the strip that used to house such booming spots as ...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on November 15, 2001
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    Bouncing Souls - Friday, November 16

    The waters in the sea of punk are pretty monochromatic. Shades of gray replace distinct colors. The weather here is predictable, if severe. Even the stiffest noise-gales take on a familiar rhythm, becoming humdrum in their ferocity. If you choose t...

    by Chris Smith on November 15, 2001
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    Aspera - Saturday, November 17

    When you first talk to Aspera, you think they're high. Really high. High as Dr. John was the day he wrote "I Walk on Guilded Splinters." But after a few minutes, you find they're actually sober. What's more, they're extremely intelligent. It's just ...

    by John Stoehr on November 15, 2001
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    Spiritualized - Let It Come Down (Arista)

    In the four years since Spiritualized's last album, the cosmos-tripping Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, singer- guitarist Jason Pierce more or less fired the group that helped assemble that drug-fueled landmark and returned to the stud...

    by Michael Gallucci on November 15, 2001
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    Stereolab - Sound-Dust (Elektra)

    One of indie rock's most consistent and compelling outfits for more than a decade, Stereolab has finally taken its place alongside the underground's most venerable elder statesmen. And if the growing frequency with which Stereolab tracks appear in co...

    by Arnold Pan on November 15, 2001
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    Screw Heads - Forever and a Day (Avarice/JCOR Entertainment)

    It's difficult to listen to this tribute album with a critical ear. (Even more so now since Friday, November 17, marks the first anniversary of DJ Screw's death.) For each cynical thought that crosses your mind when a rough-and-gruff rapper makes a d...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on November 15, 2001
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    Karen Poston - Wednesday, November 21

    Midway between Karen Poston's central Ohio homestead and her current Austin base is a place called Nashville. Real Bad, Poston's debut album, is similarly situated between her Midwestern folk and rock roots and her country and western tutelage in Tex...

    by Rob Patterson on November 15, 2001
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    Flogging Molly - Friday, November 16

    California's Flogging Molly is a refreshing respite from a pop music world increasingly saturated with marketing-friendly pseudo-punk bands spewing less-than-lyrical songs about teenage infidelity and parents who just don't understand. Swagger, Molly...

    by Brandon Cullum on November 15, 2001
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    Poe - Wednesday, November 21

    Haunted, Poe's second album, is an exploration of her relationship with her father, the deceased documentarian Tad Danielewski. Using sampled recordings, Poe has lyrical "conversations" with her late father. These are nothing like the postmortem duet...

    by Eric A.T. Dieckman on November 15, 2001
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    Walla Confusion - Death Cab for Cutie sees itself as just a guitar band. You might not agree.

    If you've got the time and/or the money and/or the sanity to keep close tabs on America's indie-rock underground, you no doubt know that quite a few of the scruffy slouches who run things down there are double-dipping in an increasingly shallow artis...

    by Mikael Wood on November 8, 2001
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