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    Regular Treat

    With the hubbub of the holidays behind us, what's needed is a peaceful evening with some close friends, such as the crowd that shows up every Sunday night at the Third Ward's El Nedo Cafe to hang around with Eugene Moody. There's probably no reg...

    by Jim Sherman on January 4, 1996
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    Home with the Blues - Joe "Guitar" Hughes has never strayed far from the town that gave him his sound

    On June 19, there was a fish fry at the Savoy Ice House on Dowling Street in the Third Ward. The occasion, of course, was Juneteenth, and the band playing on the sidewalk was making a joyful noise. Joe Hughes, standing in with some old friends, growl...

    by Jim Sherman on December 28, 1995
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    Molly's Resolution - Houston's matron of mean wants to settle down a bit in '96

    To stay at the top of her game, Molly Elswick has had to play it pretty tough. Slipping into her Miss Molly persona on-stage night after night, she's talked the talk and walked the walk while carefully forging a respectable career on the blues-rock c...

    by Greg Barr on December 28, 1995
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    Guit-in' Down

    Junior Brown's trademark is his purity, a hard-line, country way of doing things that, curious as it sounds, has earned the 43-year-old Ernest Tubb disciple the status of one of Texas' more endearing crossover phenomenons. "It takes a long time to fi...

    by Brad Tyer on December 28, 1995
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    Various Artists Def Jam Music Group Inc. 10th Year Anniversary Def Jam In the middle of the '80s, Def Jam records opened shop to mine the potential of a rap market that most industry giants lacked the foresight to see. Ten years on, Def Jam...

    by Brad Tyer on December 21, 1995
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    Play till You Drop - Yes, they're a party band, but the Gingbreadmen are out for more than just a good time

    Making a living off of other people's music has a way of snuffing out ambition. After all, regardless of how flashy, funny and technically adept you are, you can only go so far aping other musicians' work before your credibility levels off, motivatio...

    by Joe Hon on December 21, 1995
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    Post-Cold War Crazies

    From Russia -- with love, and tongue firmly planted in cheek -- Limpopo offers up a vodka-dazed zaniness that can only be described as, well, intoxicating. The four clownish comrades who make up this Soviet quartet have been kicking around the States...

    by Jim Sherman on December 21, 1995
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    Losing the Beat - Not long ago, Anthrax's Charlie Benante wondered if he could still pound it out

    Call it a mid-rock crisis. That's probably the best way to sum up Charlie Benante's state of mind while he was holed up in his New York home a year ago, working on the music for Anthrax's latest release, Stomp 442. Day and night, Benante stayed insid...

    by Greg Barr on December 14, 1995
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    Rebel from the North - Mary Cutrufello may not fit the country mold, but she knows the country sound

    Without a doubt, Mary Cutrufello makes for an unlikely cowgirl. On this warm December day, the singer/songwriter/guitarist models the dressed-down Johnny Cash look, foregoing any flashier hints to her occupation for a simple black T-shirt and jeans a...

    by Hobart Rowland on December 14, 1995
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    Critic's Choice - Good Guy

    It would be simple to dismiss Guy Forsyth as just another flamboyant fish in the stream of modern-day blues spilling out of the state capital these days. His style is straightforward enough, applying all the desired elements -- swampy Cajun swing, el...

    on December 14, 1995
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    Junior Kimbrough All Night Long Fat Possum/Capricorn Junior Kimbrough is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, a phenomenal talent who developed an innovative blues guitar style without a single non-African-American influence ...

    by Brad Tyer on December 14, 1995
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    Dwight Yoakam Gone Reprise Always a two-step ahead of expectations, Dwight Yoakam can nose out the faint odor of critical backlash from a mile away, covering his tracks with fresh methods before critics can catch their breath to comprehend ...

    by Brad Tyer on December 7, 1995
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    Digital Bloating - Without question, enhanced CDs offer more but of what?

    Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a slave to technology. When laser discs resurfaced in the late '80s, I couldn't pass up owning one of the magical machines. And having shelled out the bucks for a laser disc player, it seemed to make sense to upgrade to a hom...

    by Joe Hon on December 7, 1995
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    Ardent Idea - Can a Spot from Dallas do better than a Big Star from Memphis?

    The guys in Spot consider themselves a pretty lucky group, and well they should: the Dallas band has found itself plopped smack dab in the middle of a minor recording renaissance. This wondrous celebration of renewal is happening not in Texas but in ...

    by Hobart Rowland on December 7, 1995
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    Sour Success - Radiohead wants to prove it's more than just a "Creep"

    Radiohead's Thom Yorke is a miserable sort, but so far this year no other shoe-gazing Brit has reveled in his sadness quite so beautifully -- and thoroughly -- as Yorke does on Radiohead's sophomore effort, The Bends. The band's sobering reply to its...

    by Hobart Rowland on September 14, 1995
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    Critic's Choice - All Bottled Up

    As long as the Bottle Rockets sing about what they know, it's more than likely that there'll be plenty of trendy types who won't care to listen -- even when the band's simple sentiments come in such hook-adorned packages as "Gravity Fails" and "I Wan...

    by Hobart Rowland on September 14, 1995
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    Steven Kowalczyk Moods and Grooves Atlantic Suave New Englander Steven Kowalczyk fancies himself a young Tony Bennett -- or, at the very least, a thinking man's Harry Connick Jr. Moods and Grooves is not so much an introduction as an outl...

    by Roni Sarig on September 14, 1995
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    A Band's Dissolve - Banana Blender Surprise calls it quits or do they?

    The boys in Banana Blender Surprise have the gift of self-awareness and perspective, a decidedly precocious gift for a bunch of twentysomethings. These guys know who they are. They're a group of post-collegiate kids -- and a pre-collegiate one -- fro...

    by Tim Carman on September 14, 1995
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    Critic's Choice - Let Bobby Inside Your Head

    Over on Dowling Street, the veterans of life and the blues sit in icehouses and barber shops, talking about the Action Town's glory days, when you could walk from one end of the Third Ward to the other any night of the week and hear music every step ...

    by Hobart Rowland on August 31, 1995
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    Postmarked Texas - Joe Ely sends a sad, beautiful Letter to Laredo

    Joe Ely has left Texas many times, spending some of those years busking in New York City subway stations and the Paris Metro. He traveled throughout Europe and the United States as a young man -- even ran away with the circus for a little while to te...

    by Robert Wilonsky on August 31, 1995
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