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    St. Boss

    Everybody's making a fuss over Bruce Springsteen's silver-screen debut. In the movie High Fidelity, Springsteen plays himself dispensing wisdom to some aimlessly wandering youngster. But hasn't the Boss been illuminating life's murky corners for al...

    by Aaron Howard on April 13, 2000
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    Closer to Home - Not all the best acts at the festival carry passports

    Mardi Gras may have ended weeks ago, but Wild Magnolias, from the Crescent City, resurrects the spirit of the celebration with its party chants. Splicing together rowdy sing-alongs with bits of rap, R&B and blues, Wild Magnolias -- contrary to the ...

    by Anthony Mariani on April 6, 2000
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    Accordion Corleone

    Walking deliberately with a slight limp past vacant storefronts and over grimy gray asphalt, the inimitable Dr. Dre raps: ...By some nigga wit' a Tech 9, tryin' to take mine / 'You wanna make noise, make noise' / I make a phone call, my niggas come...

    by Anthony Mariani on April 6, 2000
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    Listen In - KISS - The Suspects - Gestapo Pussy Ranch

    KISS Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Saturday, April 1 Like an extended version of a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl commercial with hip animation and a snappy jingle, the KISShow was really not much more than a two-and-a-half-hour-long advertisem...

    by Les Mixer on April 6, 2000
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    There's nothing particularly exceptional about the way Andrea Bocelli sings a certain verse in "La Luna Che Non C'," from the Italian singer's 1997 gem, Romanza. His husky, conversational delivery is straight out of George Michael's textbook. Yet as...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on April 6, 2000
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    Global Domination - As in the past, sleepers will steal this year's International Festival

    Each year, the Houston International Festival brings a batch of global superstars to the World Music Stage, and each year this lineup impresses. And each year the sleepers steal the show. Count on it again in 2000. Topping the marquee, undisputed...

    by Bob Burtman on April 6, 2000
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    Local Rotation - Local Music Reviews

    Oddiscee Oddiscee Fires of August Entertainment Even though Oddiscee presents himself as some mythical figure, he certainly sounds like he wants Houston audiences to embrace him as a mere mortal. Produced by Mike B. (Master P, E-40), Greg P...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on March 30, 2000
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    Rock for Art Majors

    Kingsbury Manx's self-titled debut is one of those quiet little discs that sneaks up on you with how good it is. Built around a trio of singers, mellow chord progressions and understated drumming, the album radiates simple beauty, which is what makes...

    by Cynthia Greenwood on March 30, 2000
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    Everyband - Though KISS is calling it quits, its legacy is only just beginning

    It is 1975. The place, a San Francisco nightclub. On a dimly lit dais, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS are standing center stage guitar-to-guitar, facing each other. As guitarist Ace Frehley closes his eyes and rips through bluesy arpeggios sta...

    by Anthony Mariani on March 30, 2000
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    [S]hit - Behind current blaxploitation pulp literature is - surprise! - the music biz

    In 1998 Saul Williams generated some buzz by co-writing and starring in the hit of the Cannes and Sundance film festivals, Slam, a breezy tale about spoken-word poetry in New York. Just a few months later MTV Books, capitalizing on his name, released...

    by Anthony Mariani on March 30, 2000
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    Makeup Something - Coal Chamber shelves the rap-metal for metal-goth

    Coal Chamber's second album, Chamber Music, which was released in September 1999, sold like crazy for a few weeks, basically coasting on favorable prerelease buzz. Five weeks later it fell off the charts, apparently when pissed-off fans discovered th...

    by Greg Barr on March 30, 2000
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    When Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. was writing "I Wanna Be Somebody," his shock-metal band's breakthrough song of 1984, he probably was imagining being a superstar rock god. He probably never imagined being what he has become, a lightning rod for free ...

    by Anthony Mariani on March 30, 2000
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    Listen In - 30footFALL, ragtag, secretsunday and Paul English

    30footFALL Fitzgerald's Friday, March 24 From its opening sleight-of-hand sample -- a classic-rock groove that lasted all of 15 seconds before it gave way to straight-ahead punk -- to its thrashy crescendo, 30footFALL made sure of two thi...

    by Les Mixer on March 30, 2000
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    Rotation - Music Reviews

    eels Daisies of the Galaxy Dreamworks If ever a person could sing, "Goddamn right it's a beautiful day" and make it sound great, it's E, the singer-songwriter behind Los Angeles's eels. Despite bouts of sarcasm, the eels take happiness, prope...

    by David Simutis on March 30, 2000
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    Key Ingredient - Pianist Ahmad Jamal may have had a bigger impact on jazz than you think

    Caught up in the end-of-the-millennium hoopla last year, Jazz Times asked 300 musicians to vote for Jazz Artist of the Century. The ballot included five obvious names: Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker, an...

    by Paul J. MacArthur on March 23, 2000
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    South by Southwest by Houston Press

    Alternative newsweeklies from across the country lie in stacks on two cloth-covered, cafeteria-size tables inside the Austin Convention Center's exhibition hall, SXSW trade-show headquarters. Bloated with booths boasting dot-com thises or dot-com t...

    by Anthony Mariani on March 23, 2000
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    Listen In

    SXSW Wednesday, March 15 Road Kings at Stubb's Japanic at Soho Lounge Sing a verse, quickly fingerpick a little riff, sing another verse, pick same riff. Repeat over and over until crowd is satisfied. Elvis popularized this recipe for rock...

    by Anthony Mariani on March 23, 2000
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    You Go Gaelic, Girl

    While Peter Garrett, the hyperkinetic, cranelike front man for Midnight Oil, used his law degree to delve into sociopolitical issues and tilt his lyrics toward a better future, Mary Jane Lamond went to school to preserve the past and possibly improve...

    by Greg Barr on March 23, 2000
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    Think Small - Houston rockers Dirty Rotten Imbeciles keep the faith with intimate venues

    Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. D.R.I. Either way you put it, if you've been following heavy rock or punk for long, you've probably known the name forever, or at least the past 18 years. It was in May 1982 that D.R.I. first formed, right here in a Spring Bra...

    by Les Mixer on March 23, 2000
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    H-Town Get Down - Crosby, Texas, hosts some of zydeco's finest

    Back in 1997, Lil' Brian Terry paid tribute to a particularly distinctive slice of the local scene in the song "H-Town Zydeco," the opening track on his groundbreaking CD Z-Funk (Rounder). While the hip-hop-influenced lyrics celebrate the vibrancy of...

    by Roger Wood on March 16, 2000
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