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    New One Hunnidt Album Admirably Wrestles Cognitive Dissonance

    -- One Hunnidt Three days ago, my fuel pump went out. Now, were I in Houston when it happened, it would have only been mildly irritating. I'd have cursed and I'd have chastised the heavens (standard protocol, really), but then I'd have had it pulle...

    @ Rocks Off by Shea Serrano on June 6, 2012 @ 2:00 pm
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    The Secret History of "You Are So Beautiful"

    The keyboardist and organist laid down tracks for some of the biggest albums in rock history, including the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St. and Sticky Fingers, Eric Clapton, most of the Beatles' solo work and numerous others. In some capacity, he w...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on June 6, 2012 @ 1:30 pm
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    RIP Ray Bradbury: 5 Musicians Who Love the Sci-Fi Author

    Bradbury was best known for writing that set the standard for post-WWII science fiction such as Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles and Something Wicked This Way Comes. His novels and stories often addressed such popular Cold War-era themes as par...

    @ Rocks Off by Chris Gray on June 6, 2012 @ 12:30 pm
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    Bun B: On the Road with the Trill OG During Gumball 3000

    This year, Bun rode across the country in a Rolls-Royce Phantom with Team DeLaRon. Bun B is a busy man. A quick search of this publication finds him supporting the local music scene, doing his duties as an associate professor at Rice University,...

    @ Rocks Off by Marco Torres on June 6, 2012 @ 11:30 am
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    Rocks Off's Music-Centric Hurricane Survival Kit

    Lost in the middle of all the pre-Summer Fest excitement was the fact that the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season started on June 1. Of course, that's only the official start; unofficially things kicked off back on May 19 with the formation of Tropical S...

    @ Rocks Off by Cory Garcia on June 6, 2012 @ 10:00 am
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    Leon Hendrix Weaves a Tale of Brotherly Love

    Jimi Hendrix: A Brother's Story By Leon Hendrix with Adam Mitchell Thomas Dunne Books, 276 pp. $25.99 Memoirs about rock stars written by family members, friends, ex-wives and quickie backstage assignations are a wildly divergent lot that al...

    @ Rocks Off by Bob Ruggiero on June 6, 2012 @ 8:00 am
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    Ulver: Murder in "Magic Hollow"

    Such tunes have always been a fetish for vocalist Kristoffer Rygg, who recently told Kscope Magazine, "My feeling is that most people's knowledge sort of limits itself to the Doors. The Doors were cool, but there was so much else going on...in the un...

    @ Rocks Off by Jef With One F on June 6, 2012 @ 7:00 am
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    ZZ Top: A Double-Sided Take on the New Texicali EP

    This is no weak, middling effort, and with the short running time, it allows listeners to digest the work without overload. Why can't more acts release four songs at a time? Draw it out, milk it, give us a few courses before the main dish, the album....

    @ Rocks Off by Rocks Off on June 5, 2012 @ 2:00 pm
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    Upcoming: Swans, Charles Bradley, Bonnie Raitt, Dwight Yoakam, Joe Ely, Etc.

    Charles Bradley "93Q's Day in the Country" with Dierks Bentley, Ronnie Dunn, Chris Cagle, Wade Bowen, Jana Kramer, Thomas Rhett, The Lost Trailers, Lunabelles: Sat., June 16, 7 p.m., $16-$99.50. Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, 2005 Lake Robbins D...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on June 5, 2012 @ 1:30 pm
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    Rap Round Table: Dissecting the Best 2 Chainz Lines

    Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture. Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray This Week's Panel: Delo, Chingo Bling, Brad Gi...

    @ Rocks Off by Shea Serrano on June 5, 2012 @ 1:00 pm
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    Visiting Brits Search for the Soul of Rock and Roll

    Live Fast, Die Young: Misadventures in Rock 'n' Roll America by Chris Price and Joe Harland Trafalgar Square Publishing, 320 pp., $13.95 Friends and former coworkers at the BBC -- where they programmed radio and video music -- Price and Harland's ...

    @ Rocks Off by Bob Ruggiero on June 5, 2012 @ 12:00 pm
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    Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 7 Downtown Bars

    Life is about perspective and so is Houston's downtown. Perhaps some look at it as a commercial district and once wannabe party king that lost its luster with the emergence of its cousin Midtown. Or you can see it as a beautiful skyline -- the best i...

    @ Rocks Off by Rolando Rodriguez on June 5, 2012 @ 11:00 am
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    Wilson Phillips's Wendy Wilson: "We Are Who We Are"

    L-R: Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson and Chynna Phillips In the early '90s, Wilson Phillips calmly came onto the music scene with their 1990 self-titled debut album and launched such hits as "Hold On," "Impulsive" and "You're in Love." They received G...

    @ Rocks Off by Christina Lynn on June 5, 2012 @ 10:00 am
  • El-P and Killer Mike Collaborate - "Mad Old Men" rejuvenates underground rap.


    El-P and Killer Mike Collaborate - "Mad Old Men" rejuvenates underground rap.

    Killer Mike, the mayor of Atlanta underground rap, is mercilessly teasing El-P, Definitive Jux founder and reluctant New York indie-rap mascot. "El, tell him the acronym I suggested for our group record!" Mike is giggling, an infectious sound that...

    by Jayson Greene on June 21, 2012
  • Garland Jeffreys, The Contortionist - Friend of the Boss, reflects on his well-lived rock-and-roll life.


    Garland Jeffreys, The Contortionist - Friend of the Boss, reflects on his well-lived rock-and-roll life.

    At 69, Brooklyn rocker Garland Jeffreys has seen about all of it. A running buddy of Lou Reed's when they both attended art school at Syracuse University, Jeffreys was there at the birth of what eventually morphed into punk, although his own work has...

    by William Michael Smith on June 21, 2012
  • Don Williams


    Don Williams

    We live at a special time in history when some of classic country's most talented voices are still making the touring rounds. Hell, Merle Haggard and Ray Price come through Houston every few months, and Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride recently made st...

    by Craig Hlavaty on June 21, 2012
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    Linus Pauling Quartet

    If bongwater had a specific frequency (besides a viscous bubbling), it would sound exactly like Linus Pauling Quartet. The Houston five-piece actually encoded "Texas stoner rock" into iTunes' genre field for their new album and first in five years, B...

    by Chris Gray on June 21, 2012
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    Van Halen

    Van Halen's first new set of material in 14 years, A Different Kind of Truth, is better than it should be. The guys could have slacked off on this and coasted on their legend -- however tarnished it may be in the eyes of fair-weather fans -- but Trut...

    by Craig Hlavaty on June 21, 2012
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    There are still 88 years and six months remaining in the 21st century, but thus far, Coldplay is its most influential band. This is not a statement of opinion, but one grounded in anecdotal data -- no other band is mentioned after the words "this ban...

    by Mike Seely on June 21, 2012
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    Lower Dens

    Jana Hunter has been mingling subdued folk music and spacey psychedelia since her days in Houston's Matty & Mossy, her late-'90s band that reminded some music scribes at the time of Smog and Cat Power. A few years later, she and friend Devendra Banha...

    by Chris Gray on June 21, 2012
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