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    Verbal Abuse

    Verbal Abuse is a band rooted in Houston's storied punk scene, and tales of Nicki Sicki's music career still echo up almost three decades after Verbal Abuse began. It all began when Sicki replaced Norman Cooper in Legionnaire's Disease, which wasn't ...

    by Jef With One F on December 8, 2011
  • Ellis Paul


    Ellis Paul

    A veteran, constantly touring troubadour, Ellis Paul is one of the most respected artists in the folk genre. A man of many talents with 15 albums under his belt since he broke out of the Boston open-mike scene in 1993, Paul can come on like Woody Gut...

    by William Michael Smith on December 8, 2011
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    Max Bemis

    Things are going well for Max Bemis and his most famous project Say Anything. Bemis recently announced that the band had signed to Equal Vision Records, and that they've finished recording a new album titled Anarchy, My Dear for 2012. Anarchy reunite...

    by Jef With One F on December 8, 2011
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    Trampled by Turtles

    We firmly believe that the bulk of good music that we'll see in the next decade will find itself launched at our eardrums from the strings of acoustic guitars, mandolins and violins. An increasingly large number of artists wear the trappings of blueg...

    by Jef With One F on December 8, 2011
  • Another Perspective - My top ten local albums of 2011.


    Another Perspective - My top ten local albums of 2011.

    10. Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy), Inside My Mind Maybe it was because this tape didn't carry any sort of real buzz or hype behind it beyond what (Oh Boy)'s camp was selling, but it thoroughly overachieved. It glows with fun. You know that thing where the...

    by Shea Serrano on December 8, 2011
  • The Dance - Hefley's Bar fits right in with the accessible part of Midtown.


    The Dance - Hefley's Bar fits right in with the accessible part of Midtown.

    It's hard to tell if it's cheating, or if it's just pretty much the slickest pick-up move of all-time. Ryan Cirilo, tall and steady and handsome and unassuming, is standing on the indoor stage of Hefley's Bar (138 W. Gray), a less-than-two-year-ol...

    by Shea Serrano on December 8, 2011
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    Distant Early Warning: Alabama Shakes, Flogging Molly, Josefus, Slim Thug, Cave

    Awolnation: Tue., Jan. 24. Warehouse Live, 813 St. Emanuel, Houston. Band Of Heathens: Wed., Dec. 28. Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak, Houston. Cowboy Mouth: Tue., Feb. 21. House of Blues, 1204 Caroline, Houston. Danny B. Harvey, Hotrod Hillbillies, ...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on November 29, 2011 @ 9:00 am
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    Wyclef Jean Squanders Relief Funds, Heralds Apocalypse

    Mason Lankford said, "There will come a day when we forget the Rapture ever even happened," but Rocks Off is keeping an eye out for signs of our impending Armageddon. We were wrong last time, but we're totally right this time! Master Sgt. Je...

    @ Rocks Off by Jef Rouner on November 29, 2011 @ 7:00 am
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    2011 Rewind: Concert Tickets From An Alternate Universe

    This originally ran on June 8, but seeing that the year is coming to an end, we are looking back at some of our favorite blogs we gave to you these past 12 months. One of the best dreams we ever had was of covering a Clash show for Rocks Of...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on November 28, 2011 @ 4:00 pm
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    Material World: Music to Rock Your Cyber Monday with Video

    Musicians over the years have often railed against the excess of modern capitalism. Others have made it rain and reveled in the opportunity money has given them. Either way, people love to talk about stuff they buy...and sing about it too. So, here i...

    @ Rocks Off by Jeff Balke on November 28, 2011 @ 3:00 pm
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    Rap Round Table: What is the Best Pimp C Song of All Time

    Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture. Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray This Week's Panel: A Whole Bunch of Twitter Fol...

    @ Rocks Off by Shea Serrano on November 28, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
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    Old Man: A Happy Birthday Randy Newman Playlist

    Randy Newman at ACL '11 back in September. Mr. Randy Newman, who turns 68 years old today, turned in one of the best and our most most favorite sets of this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival. In a festival littered with Kanye West, Coldpla...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on November 28, 2011 @ 1:00 pm
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    Happy Birthday Paul Shaffer: Here Are Five Reasons Why He is Cool

    From the very beginning, there was Paul Shaffer. The quirky Canadian keyboardist and sidekick to the often ornery Letterman not only wrote the theme song that has opened the show since its inception, but he has overseen one of the most challenging mu...

    @ Rocks Off by Jeff Balke on November 28, 2011 @ 12:00 pm
  • Article

    Angel By Nature: Rest In Peace Clip D

    Check our post on Hair Balls with the Police Department's official report. Photo by Marco Torres The Houston rap community is mourning the loss of Dominic "Clip D" Brown who was shot and killed early Friday morning outside of Breakers aft...

    @ Rocks Off by Marco Torres on November 28, 2011 @ 11:00 am
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    Local Punk Compilation Bullshit Vol. 1 Available as Free Download

    The compilation is called Bullshit Vol. 1 and will be released on January 15 through the punk label, Agro-Wax Records. AWR has made it available for free download from their website, along with previous releases from the past year. The 7" record has...

    @ Rocks Off by Allison Wagoner on November 28, 2011 @ 10:00 am
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    Roadtrippin': The Eight Track Museum In Dallas

    Last week while this member Rocks Off was in Dallas for the 48th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination and our annual trek to Dealey Plaza, we stopped in to the Eight Track Museum in the Deep Ellum district of the city. The opening rumblings of ...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on November 28, 2011 @ 9:00 am
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    Hey Pookie: Top 5 Cheesy Love Songs

    We recently started getting fan mail in addition to the more... creatively worded correspondence that we've always gotten in response to our articles. The accolades are worth almost as much as the paycheck, but we wanted to take this opportunity to p...

    @ Rocks Off by Jef Rouner on November 28, 2011 @ 7:00 am
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    Looking Back at A Very Special Christmas Track by Track

    The Very Special Christmas franchise fumbled along with eight more records in the pop collection plus smooth jazz and world music versions as well. The additional eight pop offerings included a live version and an "acoustic" version that was actually...

    @ Rocks Off by Jeff Balke on November 25, 2011 @ 4:00 pm
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    Rocks Off's Annual Descent Into Sunny 99.1's Christmas Music K-Hole

    Since 2008, I have spent an hour listening to Sunny 99.1 FM's Christmas music for the Rocks Off blog. Right after Thanksgiving, it's the first thing on my checklist, right next to finding new, weird holiday music for you and trying not to gain 20 pou...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on November 25, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
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    A Modern Throwback: Mel Torme's Christmas Songs

    What people often don't realize, however, is that Torme co-wrote what is widely considered the most beloved Christmas song of all time. Nat King Cole's version of Torme's "A Christmas Song" is an all time classic and one of the most well recognized t...

    @ Rocks Off by Jeff Balke on November 25, 2011 @ 1:00 pm
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