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    Top 5 Daniel Lanois Productions

    ? This past Saturday in Los Angeles, legendary producer Daniel Lanois, known for his trademark echo-heavy sound and work with the likes of U2 and Bob Dylan, was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Lanois was slated to soon begin wo...

    @ Rocks Off by Craig Hlavaty on June 10, 2010 @ 11:00 am
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    Lightnin' Hopkins Historical Marker Text Approved

    ? The Texas Historical Commission has approved the text that Eric Davis submitted for the historical marker honoring late Houston blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins, and will now send the text to a foundry so the marker can be cast. The commission approv...

    @ Rocks Off by Chris Gray on June 10, 2010 @ 10:00 am
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    Celine Dion To Return For Mermaid Titanic Sequel?

    ? New York Craigslisters were abuzz, ABUZZ we tell you, when a posting went out for... Titanic 2: Mermaid Saviors. The ad reads as follows: Megamonolith Pictures is holding an open casting call for TITANIC 2: MERMAID SAVIORS, a sequel to t...

    @ Rocks Off by Jef With One F on June 10, 2010 @ 9:00 am
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    Little Joe Washington Moved To Private Room At Ben Taub

    ? Rocks Off just received this update on Little Joe Washington's condition from his friend (and ours) Reg Burns: Just left from seeing Joe. He was been moved out of SICU and is on the same floor, unit 4B, room 7, bed 3. He immediately recognized...

    @ Rocks Off by Chris Gray on June 9, 2010 @ 5:35 pm
  • Bare Bones - Lo-fi crushers Woven Bones would remake Pink Floyd's The Wall if they could.


    Bare Bones - Lo-fi crushers Woven Bones would remake Pink Floyd's The Wall if they could.

    Austin's Woven Bones is serious about rock and roll, and makes no bones about its love affair with the more primitive aspects of drums, bass and guitar. Taking cues from the lo-fi aesthetic of the garage underground and post-punk pantheon, Woven Bone...

    by Nicholas L. Hall on July 8, 2010
  • Ten Years After - The Continental Club's owners find you can't re-create Austin in Midtown...but you can survive.


    Ten Years After - The Continental Club's owners find you can't re-create Austin in Midtown...but you can survive.

    Continental Club Ten-Year Anniversary With Picture Book and Disco Expressions, 7 p.m. Friday, July 9; and Honky, New Duncan Imperials, Allen Oldies Band, the Suspects, the Umbrella Man, Little Joe Washington and Chango Man, 5 p.m. Saturday, July 10...

    by William Michael Smith on July 8, 2010
  • Monnalisa Smile - Upscale suburban bars used to be a nightlife myth. Not anymore.


    Monnalisa Smile - Upscale suburban bars used to be a nightlife myth. Not anymore.

    CityCentre is 37 acres of "mixed-use urban development" where Town and Country Mall used to be. Essentially, it's a tiny city within the suburban sprawl of far West Houston. It has its own narrow roads and street signs and features dining, residen...

    by Shea Serrano on July 8, 2010
  • Mates of State, Free Energy


    Mates of State, Free Energy

    Though only achieving national prominence in the past few years, Mates of State's Kori Gardner (who plays a variety of whirling keys and synthesizers, from B-3 organs to Casios) and Jason Hammel (who drums and handles various percussion instruments) ...

    by Swensson, Andrea on July 8, 2010
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    Lightning Bolt

    At first it might seem a strange statement to make about a band as loud and abrasive as Lightning Bolt, but listening to this enigmatic Rhode Island-spawned duo is a very Zen experience. The hypnotic, largely abstract nature of their work forces the ...

    by Nicholas L. Hall on July 8, 2010
  • White Widow


    White Widow

    According to Google, White Widow is a Cannabis Cup-winning, especially potent strain of marijuana and a movie starring Benicio del Toro, scheduled for release next year, with the following synopsis: "Looking for romance, but attracted to the wrong me...

    by Chris Gray on July 8, 2010
  • Ted Nugent


    Ted Nugent

    Aside from all the liberal-baiting and right-wing talk, Ted Nugent is one of the unsung masters of raunchy riff-rock. Take away all the pop-culture controversy of the past 20 years and what's left is a solid catalog of he-man jams the likes of which ...

    by Craig Hlavaty on July 8, 2010
  • Mike Stinson, Robert Ellis


    Mike Stinson, Robert Ellis

    KPFT's Lone Star Jukebox host Rick Heysquierdo has reached over to Austin for the past two installments of his monthly "Troubador Tuesday" series, but he's not dialing long-distance this time. After veteran Damon Bramblett and the brand-new Stone Riv...

    by Chris Gray on July 8, 2010
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    Melding the skronk of the Cramps with the grim stylings of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Denmark's Nekromantix have been swaying suggestible American kids into the dark and decadent waters of psychobilly since 2002 debut Night of the Loving Dead on Hell...

    by Craig Hlavaty on July 8, 2010
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    Chamillionaire Addresses Foreclosure In Freestyle

    TMZ fails to catch Chamillionaire ridin' dirty. ? Chamillionaire has recently been getting a lot of media attention from the likes of TMZ and Perez Hilton for the Houston rapper's so-called "business decision" to let his Houston-area house go i...

    @ Rocks Off by Chris Gray on June 9, 2010 @ 5:00 pm
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    25 Weird And/Or Hilarious Soccer Chants

    ? Rocks Off spent June 2006 in Salamanca, Spain during the World Cup, and we can tell you it's difficult to exaggerate what an event this is to pretty much every country in the world but America. (Although the U.S. is reportedly gaining.) Wh...

    @ Rocks Off by John Seaborn Gray on June 9, 2010 @ 4:00 pm
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    Welcome To LALA's Late-Night World, Houston

    The beautiful Latina, born in Monterrey, Mex., and raised in H-Town, had a dream of having her own television show, so she went out and created a pilot for LALA's World, a once Internet-only program that gives viewers intimate and fun one-one-ones wi...

    @ Rocks Off by Rolando Rodriguez on June 9, 2010 @ 2:35 pm
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    Trent Reznor Back In (Free) Form On How To Destroy Angels

    ? Trent Reznor is one of those venerable goth elders that we are all so beholden to for years of stellar music that it's hard sometimes to criticize him without sounding ungrateful. And we are grateful. But it's clear that over the last seve...

    @ Rocks Off by Jef With One F on June 9, 2010 @ 1:35 pm
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    Golden Cities Hate All Over The Lion King

    Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to sheas...

    @ Rocks Off by Shea Serrano on June 9, 2010 @ 12:35 pm
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    Nas & Damien Marley Keep It All In The Distant Family

    ? At 36, Nas has been one of hip-hop's most consistent record makers for the last decade. While his latest offering, Distant Relatives, isn't stone genius like, say 2001's Stillmatic, it's one of his best albums in years. Unfortunately for his pla...

    @ Rocks Off by Rizoh on June 9, 2010 @ 11:30 am
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    Beaumont Weatherman Busts Rhyme; Ryan Seacrest Approves

    Somebody call Swishahouse. Rocks Off has spent a fair amount of time in the Golden Triangle over the years, and the live-music options in the greater Beaumont-Port Arthur area are usually somewhat limited. In the next couple of weeks, for example, if...

    @ Rocks Off by Chris Gray on June 9, 2010 @ 11:00 am
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