This guy is definitely Goth.
This guy is definitely Goth.

Are You Totally Goth?

Being a Goth often requires a constant image check. How many points do you lose for owning a Cher album? If you don't wear black leather in the summer, does that show a lack of dedication? These are the questions and queries and posers that whip up a Goth into a frenzy of angst and alienation. Thankfully, this frenzy itself is totally Goth.

So here with your ultimate guide is New York comedian and musician Roddy Von Seldeneck with his song "Totally Goth." We'll help you follow along.

  • 1. Liking David Lee Roth is not totally Goth.
  • 2. Wearing black is totally Goth.
  • 3. Soup with too much broth is not totally Goth.

The list goes on.

Note: In an effort to not have the disease-ridden Dairy Queen counter-girl of MySpace crash Rocks Off's crappy computer anymore, links to artists will be now be brought to you by PureVolume. It's much less annoying... for now.


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