Artist of the Week: Our 10 Favorite Interviews of 2009

Out of the five weekly columns we're responsible for writing each week, Artist of the Week is definitely one of our five favorites. Aren't we clever? We get to talk/trade emails/Google Chat with all kinds of interesting, and sometimes uninteresting, people. Here we're rehashing our ten favorite interviews of the year.

Miss Buffy: "Shhhh..."
Miss Buffy: "Shhhh..."

There aren't any special awards or anything for this. Nor does being listed here mean one act was more Artist of the Week-ly than another. These are simply the interviews we walked away from thinking, Man, that was something. Take from that what you will. Country Store Buffalo: Not only is CSB's music very, very good, and not only were they the only act that managed to double dip in the Artist of the Week well (Matt Harlan, a member of CSB, was also one of our earliest interviews for this section), and not only is vocalist/guitarist Brad Boyer a superb interviewee, but when we asked these guys for images to run with the article, they passed along one that looked like it was taken with a camera that held actual film in it. The Live Lights: The interview here didn't just stand out as being this great, interesting thing. But the time that we were listening to these guys was a really down, down time, and these guys' music made it just a little easier to work through. That's all we really want to say about that.

Artist of the Week: Our 10 Favorite Interviews of 2009

TILL: Probably the most dedicated-to-his-persona Artist of the Week we've ever interviewed. We tried so so so hard to get TILL to break character (there's no way he can possibly be in "Look how sexy I am" mode 24 hours a day, right?). We asked him several ridiculous questions and he didn't even consider them to be anything but serious. Matter of fact, we're almost certain he thought we were hitting on him. Always fun to interview people like that. Giant Princess: Easily one of our top three local rock bands, we were amped that GP agreed to be interviewed for this section. We were even more pumped that they seemed to completely ignore every question we asked them and just talk about whatever they felt like talking about. Coast: Coast is the best, smartest, most underrated Latino rapper in Houston. More than that though, he's a smart, underrated rapper in general. If we made a list of the thirty best rappers in Houston history, he'd be on there, and it wouldn't even be a stretch.

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