Aside from our hard-hitting investigative reporting, on-the-spot blogging and tireless tweeting, the Houston Press also knows how to throw one hell of a party; with Artopia 2010, we've done it again. The event spotlights local artists and designers we have chosen as innovators, and this year's musical entertainment is no less impressive. Make sure to catch Runaway Sun, who broke out with last year's The Bridge LP, before they head out on their first national tour a few days later. Ryan Scroggins & the Trenchtown Texans lay down their Django Reinhardt/rocksteady vibe, while Benjamin Wesley unfolds his electro-indie business for a whole new audience. Closing out the night is Ceeplus Bad Knives, whose New Wave and dance-rock playlist killed at the Artopia preview party at Reign Lounge about a week back.


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