Asylum Street Spankers

Over a decade ago, this Austin-based group allegedly came together after far too many drinks in a Llano hotel, and remains best appreciated by those not easily offended. The Spankers' all-acoustic, Vaudevillian songs poke fun at everything they possibly can, from "Scrotum Song" to "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV," their incredibly tongue-in-cheek tune that blames the Iraq war on America's oil thirst. Over the years, the Spankers' large lineup has changed — the only original members are Christina Marrs and multi-­instrumentalist Wammo — but their attitude definitely hasn't. A typical Spankers show, if there is such a thing, careens from covers of old country tunes to original material best kept away from the kids (unless they're doing something from self-released 2007 children's CD Mommy Says No!). Due at yet another New York residency in January to tout brand-new double disc What? And Give Up Show Biz?, the Spankers close out their 2008 Texas calendar Saturday at the Mucky Duck. Come kick away those post-Christmas blues and forget all about that hideous sweater Aunt Stella gave you.


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