Attention Bayou City Radioheads

Attention Bayou City Radioheads

Has anyone downloaded Radiohead’s brand-new MP3-only album In Rainbows yet? I haven’t, but the codes were emailed overnight and reviews are starting to trickle onto the Internet. (Like here.) Seems like another stylistic mash-up a la Hail to the Thief, with perhaps some of Thom Yorke’s latent Don Henley fandom bubbling to the surface. If you’ve had a chance to listen, please leave a few thoughts in the comments.

In related news, Drenched in Blog noted Trent Reznor’s intention to join Radiohead onto the free-agent track yesterday, and now it looks like Oasis and Jamiroquai – who remain befuddlingly popular in the UK – are set to follow suit. For completely non-musical reasons, this hilarious Web site immediately springs to mind. – Chris Gray

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