Band of Skulls

It's tempting to say Band of Skulls could be the biggest thing launched out of Southampton, England, since the Titanic, but surely they're hoping their career goes better than that. So far, so good — the UK press became enamored of the two boys and one girl upon 2009 XL debut Baby Darling Doll Face Honey before the trio impressed American audiences on tour with bands like Metric. Last month's follow-up Sweet Sour began in difficult circumstances in a "desolate, lonely and bitter cold" environment outside of Norfolk (England) and led to a panic attack before the band relocated the recording to more familiar climes. The title track was a recent free iTunes download of the week, and you can still hear that panic attack in some places on the album. Like the White Stripes and many others before them, if Band of Skulls is not attacking their instruments at eardrum-rupturing levels, they're relaxing in soothing acoustic interludes along the lines of Sweet Sour's "Lay My Head Down" or "Hometown."


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