Bang Bangz

Since their first few tracks began leaking out last fall, we've been heavily interested in Bang Bangz, a new electro-pop project from Mario Alberto Rodriguez of prog-rock surrealists Tax The Wolf, and co-vocalist Elizabeth Salazar. Heavy on the synths and atmosphere, Bang Bangz features Rodriguez and Salazar trading off breathy, dreamy vocals, informed by the Postal Service, Moby's ambient pop and French darlings M83, dialed down just a notch for effect. In a live setting, the group is a trio, with Vik Montemayor handling drums. This stuff is a departure from what you're used to hearing from Rodriguez, trading in the power-chord baths from TTW and instead slowing things down to a lullaby's pace. The trio's Lee Hazlewood- and Nancy Sinatra-influenced self-titled EP gets its debut on Saturday night, with New York City Queens, GRRRL Parts and Beaumont's Hello Chief handling opening duties.


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