Beaumont Weatherman Busts Rhyme; Ryan Seacrest Approves

Beaumont Weatherman Busts Rhyme; Ryan Seacrest Approves

Somebody call Swishahouse. Rocks Off has spent a fair amount of time in the Golden Triangle over the years, and the live-music options in the greater Beaumont-Port Arthur area are usually somewhat limited. In the next couple of weeks, for example, if you're not a fan of Pat Green, hillbilly hard rockers Clutch or ventrilo-comic Jeff Dunham, you're pretty much out of luck or facing a long drive to Houston or Baton Rouge. Luckily, Beaumont Fox affiliate KBTV's morning weatherman Nick Kosir has stepped up to fill the Triangle's musical void. Since Kosir started delivering his forecasts in verse form last month, he's become one of those "Internet sensations" you always hear about even though KBTV doesn't even have a Web site. Ryan Seacrest has Twittered about him - which means Kosir will no doubt show up as a guest on next season's American Idol - and Rocks Off caught a quick feature about him on Inside Edition while we were home recovering from the dentist Tuesday afternoon. Critically, Rocks Off thinks Kosir's rhymes are a little stilted and awkward, but what do you want for first thing in the morning? (We do dig the shades, though.) Besides, weather can't be the most stimulating subject to be rapping about, although it does give a whole new meaning to the term "frontin'." We don't think Port Arthur native Bun B is losing any sleep about Kosir, although given Bun's fondness for in-person cameo appearances, maybe he can show up one morning and help him break down the Nexrad. Naturally, this also led Rocks Off to spend the balance of the morning thus far daydreaming about what some Houston TV meteorologists might do to spice up their own forecasts. Better to just leave it at that, but here's a hint: We're not talking about Frank Billingsley.


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